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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Year It Has Been

2007 has indeed been a year of blessings and new experiences!!!

We begun the year with the adoption of a pair of cute, furry bunny Lops named Thumper and Baby Ivy. They were such a joy to watch and play with, but of course, it comes along with cleaning the cage, poop and grooming them.

After contemplating between 2 interesting job offers, I decided to tender my resignation , spent a memorable farewell with my colleagues prior to CNY and began a new journey with Red company in March.

It was definitely a new challenge as the moment I joined the company, I had to fly off to The Netherlands 2 days later for 2 weeks of orientation in the headquarters in Delft and the next 2 months with Green company in Utrecht.

Despite aching and dying to be home because it was my first year of marriage (argh!!), it was nevertheless a good experience. Well, apart from being sick from chickenpox (double argh!!) while abroad, I had a great time learning to cook dinner with my new found colleagues in a lovely and cozy restaurant, had French cuisine dinner with the CEO, tasted poffertjes and pannenkoeken (basically they're pancakes in Dutch), got to learn some Dutch, climbed the awfully steep stairs in Dom Tower, and of course, travelling!!

Within that 2 and a half months period, I had planted my happy feet at Madurodam, Rotterdam, Amsterdam (thrice!), Arnhem, Leiden, Keukenhof, Maarssen, Den Haag, Scheveningen and Gouda (twice!). I also got to witness several festivities there such as Easter Day, National Windmill Day, Koninginnedag, Remembrance Day and Liberation Day.

And oh, heh heh, with the lump sum of allowance (in Euro currency) I saved up, I managed to buy myself a Compaq laptop and sent Hubby off for a few days of holiday in Chiangmai with his buddies.

I was finally home for good in middle of May (hurrah!!) and was ecstatic to be able to celebrate our first ROM and wedding anniversaries in June and July respectively. Woo hoo!!

Baby Ivy suprisingly gave birth to 2 kits in which one was stillborn, the other one died a week later, and in the end we decided to give Thumper and Baby Ivy away. *Sobs*

Together with Gummy, we launched a Bring Norah Jones campaign (which unfortunately did not succeed). In August, I celebrated Hubby's birthday with a triple-birthday-gift suprise and then the Mid-Autumn festival in September.

But the most eventful of all is when we found out in late October that we are expecting a Mini Patchee next June!!!! It was fun and exciting to consult a gynaecologist to confirm the pregnancy, detect the heartbeat, celebrated my 28th birthday with a little one inside of me and going for short visits to Cameron's and PD during the holiday seasons. It was also very nerve-wrecking when I contracted mild UTI, did my blood test and when Doc said that I needed to catch up on my weight gain for my own sake and for Baby's slow development.

But no matter what pain and worries I went through, they've all been worth it coz we get to measure Baby developing from the size of a strawberry to lemon, counting down the days to 200 days, 12 weeks and now to the second trimester.

There's nothing more than I can ask for but to be thankful and grateful for this truly wonderful year.

2008 will definitely be a year of many changes to my life. The arrival of Baby in the coming Year of the Rat will coincide with Daddy and my FIL's 60th birthdays, the 'promotion' for the proud grandparents to Gong Gong, Poh Poh, Yeh Yeh and Nai Nai. And also, having Sis and Telco Boy begin their new journeys in Hong Kong and New Zealand respectively means having to hold the extra responsibilities of taking care of my parents and in-laws.

I'm definitely looking forward to the new year and to finally meet my little bundle of joy in 6 months time. Hope the new year will bring good cheers to you too!! Happy 2008, everyone!!!



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