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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Two Doors

While on a job hunt recently, I was given two doors to choose from. I was certain when I made my decision - signed the acceptance letter on one (Firm A), and wrote a "Regret to inform you that I will have to reject your offer" to other one (Firm B). I was already mentally prepared for the training away from home, long hours and heavy traffic. I was prepared to take the next step.

Came Monday, I received a phone call from the GM of Firm B, asking me where am I going to and that he wanted to meet me to talk things over coz he thought there could be miscommunication between his staff (the one who interviewed me) and me, and he was so impressed about my rejection letter that he was certain he must have me in his firm. Have you heard of Google ah??

Inspector and I met him after work (yes, I had to bring him along, just in case if he turned out to be a pervert. Hehe..) and we listened to him, his vision on the company and all sorts. He was nice enough to come meet us, fetched us to the office to pick up my offer letter, and dropped us back to our car. He sounded pretty ambitious and made it seem that there's plenty of opportunities offered - "I have offices in 40 countries, where you want to go, you let me know", "Up to you which project you want to take. If you have questions, there's 100 staff for you to ask from". He also guaranteed that it is all fun working there at flexible hours. And he kept saying that I'm foolish for joining the other firm, wasting my career growth and all.

He had persuaded me to sign the letter there and then, but I insisted to bring it home to think over it. I placed both the offer letters (i.e. the duplicate copy I had signed for Firm A and the unsigned copy for Firm B) side by side. After hearing what the GM had to say, I'd have to say I'm pretty much tempted to switch to his company, reasons being :-

* It's nearer to where I'm living, so distance and travelling will not be a problem whereas if Firm A, I'll have to brave through the horrendous traffic jam in the city centre everyday.
* I'll go in with a higher ranking position compared to Firm A, hence the opportunity to lead a team.
* The culture there is family-oriented way whereas in Firm A, it's like being in Apprentice or Survivor.
* No bond contract unlike Firm A.

But on the other hand for Firm A,

* It is an international MNC, whereas Firm B is a local MNC.
* It has more employee benefits.
* Provides proper overseas training, everything paid for.
* Wider scope of knowledge to be learnt.
* Challenges and struggles to overcome (coz I've been having an easy life in my current company. How would I know how is it like in the real world if I do not go through these?).

I'm really fickle-minded. If I decline Firm A, I worry that I might have to pay some form of compensation to them for signing the offer and then decline it. Besides, how can I be so sure that what the GM said are not just empty promises? If I accept either one, I'll lose the opportunity of working with the other one. How la?

As of now, although part of my body has already entered Firm A door, the rest of me are still in front of both doors, cautiously trying to decide. A or B? Left door, or the right one?

The Two Doors
Which one to take?

Arghhhhhhhhhhhh... Please give me some signs... Puhleeeeeeeeezeeeeeee!!!!!!!!


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