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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Who's Who

A brief introduction on who is who in my blog...

:: Family ::

Daddy quiet but stern man, enduring 3 ladies' antics in the house
Mummy fussy but always lovable despite her endless naggings
Sis the younger one and very outgoing
Hubby/Inspector the dominant other half with a killer smile

:: Secondary Family ::

SIL/Princess domineering and expects things to go her way
Eskimo Princess' hubby, aka "Putera Lilin"

:: Heng Tai's ::

Fried Rice Guy (FRG) the eligible bachelor with an absolute love for cooking
Aneh #1 Liverpool FC fan
Nutty mummy's cheeky boy
Tai Lou playful but now a doting father
Chino the 'father' as well as the leader of the pack

:: Friends ::

Gummy the childhood friend who indirectly keeps me grounded
Wan Nei the more talkative and exaggerating "twin sis"
Cleopatra the ex-bestfriend with a total opposite personality from mine
Moorish loves diving and independence
Sue a diving lawyer who aims to be a part of the United Nations
Footitie one of Inspector's 2 best buddies, with an obsession towards football
Chef the other best buddy of Inspector's

:: Colleagues ::

Ketua leader and the eldest of the female pack
Labu the noisiest, loudest and is always on the phone
Hippy Chick the happening ex-colleague who loves to smash in badminton
Hammie cheerful, outgoing mountain climber and a natural flirt
Furball very helpful partner, love his sarcasm
Koala Bear looks like one when he's "fishing"
Ricepot very, very cunning behind the boyish look
Novel Reader (NR) my immediate senior with a "don't bother, don't care" attitude
Sek Long very "ham sap"-minded and loves scaring "mui mui chai"s with ghost stories
Ling Kaur sporty, unmaterialistic and is my Chinese translator
Nins anti-GM products and very stubborn
Hippo absolutely religious
Dexter my boss & director who just don't give a *hoot* about management and managing ppl


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