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Monday, December 18, 2006

Day 3 - Back to KL

It was a pretty short holiday but we still had to leave no matter what. *sobs* But of course, right after we checked in at the airport and went pass the customs to get into the waiting lounge, we heard the announcement that our flight would be delayed for an hour. What the......... I later overheard a conversation between the air stewardesses that they were supposed to take off from Bandung to Langkawi, but they couldn't just because there were VIPs in the Bandung airport. *Sighz*

Like I said, it was a short holiday. Hopefully the next time I get to go to Langkawi, I'd wanna visit the historical places. At least look see look see a bit la. And as a souvenir, I took a picture of a restaurant name in Kuah Town, whose name does not sound like as if they were selling bak kut teh.

Shark Fing Restaurant
Immitation of shark fin?

It's back to KL and oh, the Gila Bloggers' Christmas Sing-Song Project is out! Stay tuned or if you can't wait, go straight to Lin Peh's site for the song release. It's damn good, I tell you.


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