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Friday, November 24, 2006

Pre-Birthday Prezzie

How fun it is when your birthday is still a few days away yet you've already gotten a birthday present. As a matter of fact, a present from the hubby! Look what he got me!

Pioneer DEH-2850MP
Pioneer DEH-2850MP to call my own!!

A new audio system for my Little Kelisa! YES!!!

For the past year or so, the previous system had been seriously wonk-y. The radio could not work anymore. I'd have trouble playing CDs, either they can't be read or there's no output from the speakers. The volume control was just as bad, it can sometimes sound like level 8 when I had only put it to level 1.

Hubby thought this poor little girl needs to get her audio system fixed. Tee hee hee. So here it is, my new system. Sooooo niceeee!!! I get to listen to the radio already! I can play CDs and adjust the volume! Oohhh.. I can even play mp3/wma cds! YES! I know.. So outdated, right? *lol*

What a lovely birthday present!! I'm sooooooo gonna compile an mp3 cd with all my favourite songs in it. YES!!!!!!!

Millions of *muakz* for Inspector!!!! Tee hee hee.. Well, I'm gonna be off from work in 10 minutes time. I'm off on my birthday as well. *Grin* So, be good and have a wonderful weekend, yeah!


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