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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day 4 - Shoppers Paradise

[updated on 11th Nov. 2006]

It was our final full day in Gold Coast. We decided to take the Surfside Busline to Harbour Town, where many of the brand direct traders are located in. It's a pretty huge shopping centre. There's Adidas, Nike, Esprit, David Jones, Essential Man, Mambo, Polo Ralph Lauren, Pumpkin Patch, Fila, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Table Eight, Tommy Hilfiger, Rip Curl, Converse, Nine West and so many more. The goods there weren't to say very, very dirt cheap but I guess they should be cheaper than the usual retail prices. Ladies' purses were sold between $9 - $12 in David Jones, and they were given a further 40% slash. Damn 'dai', right? Of course I grabbed a few, to give away to family. *lol* Inspector bought a couple pair of Essential Man pants, which initially was $49, discounted to $39, and then a further discount to $29. I squealed with happiness when I found Me To You Bear products in Hallmark. I'm actually looking for a furry Me To You Bear keychain to replace my current one, which I think should be 5-6 years old by now and the fur are almost flat. Was quite disappointed when I found out that it had been sold out... Not very easy to find those anymore. But I made do with a metal keychain of the bear holding my initial. *Grin*

But it wasn't enough. I wanted to go to Target, so I dragged Inspector to Pacific Fair Shopping Centre in Broadbeach (which was another half an hour journey by bus). Managed to buy a couple of dresses there, but as embarassing as it can be, they were all children sizes age 7-16 and the size I took was 12. I am not kidding! I'm used to it though, I used to shop for clothes at the children's departments while studying in Sheffield years ago. Tee hee hee..

Shoppers Paradise
Harbour Town (the mother of all famous factory outlets) and Pacific Fair

During our bus rides, we passed by a couple of places like Conrad Jupiters Casino and Dracula's Cabaret Restaurant. The next time when we go to Gold Coast again, we'll make a point to enter these places. We had also passed through Paradise Resort, the 3 star rated hotel that we were initially supposed to be staying at. One look at the place and we knew Courtyard Marriott was soooooooo much better than that, and for that we were absolutely happy. *Smile*

Places We Passed By in Gold Coast
The famous Casino and Dracula's, and Paradise Resort

We got back to the hotel at about 4pm, took a short rest in the hotel, and then headed straight to the beach again. We couldn't get enough of it, especially since it was our last day there! We also decided to eat as much as we could at Rish Cafe & Restaurant. Inspector ordered Moroccan Chicken and a bottle of VB beer. I took Seafood Penne and Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows (yes, again!). I particularly prefer the dinner we had at Billy Baxter's.

Rish Cafe Restaurant
Hearty dinner at Rish

If that wasn't enough of indulgence the past few days, we had also gotten all these..

More Food & Drinks!

The XXXX Gold (pronounced as Four X), a value meal from Oporto (1/4 flame-grilled chicken with lemon and herbs), and lots of nougats for families and colleagues. We also stopped by at Woolworth's to buy more biscuits and chocolates that we can hardly find in Malaysia. We even bought instant noodles to try. The carbonara pasta was errr... Quite yucky actually. Hehe.. We also stopped by at Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream. We could have gotten the Single Cone, but because my backside itchy, I got each of us a Regular Cone (2 scoops of ice-cream). Inspector chose Rum & Raisin and Vanilla Chip flavours, where as I chose the Cookies & Cream and Wildberry Ripple flavours. It was soooo huge that I had a hard time finishing mine, what's more it was freezing cold at that time. I really shivered a lot! *lol*

Oh by the way, while at Rish, I was a couple of Meter Maids passed by. If only I was quick enough to fish out my camera.. Darn!

I dread going home tomorrow.... *sobs*


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