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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Day 1 - Arrival at Gold Coast

[updated on 11th Nov. 2006]

After 8 hours of brunch, refreshment, lots of orange juices, and watching movies like The Break Up, The Click, The Devil Wears Prada and Nacho Libre, we had finally arrived at Brisbane International Airport slightly before 8pm their time.

We were given instructions that a representative from Door 2 Door would be waiting for us at the Arrival Hall, holding a signage with my name on it. Cheh wah, macam superstar la. Hehe... We looked high and low, yet couldn't find the signage. In the end, we realized that they used my last Chinese name instead. So there were 2 of us, along with 3 others boarding the airbus, and dropped us off at our respective residences which in our case was Courtyard Marriott Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.

Initially we opted for a 3 star rated Paradise Resort through a travel agent, but because they couldn't confirm our reservations, we got upgraded to the 4 star rated Courtyard Marriott for free. So lucky, yah? We tried to ask for a room upgrade, after telling them that we were on our honeymoon. Hehehe.. Too bad, all the rooms were booked. They offered to let us change rooms tomorrow if we want to, though. But a 2 double bed room with ocean view and a complimentary sparkling wine is good enough, isn't it? What's more we've already had the free hotel upgrade. So we checked into our room and quickly met up with Inspector's old friend and her husband. They're both residing in Brisbane but purposely booked a night at Courtyard Marriott as well just to meet up with us. So nice of them, right? They accompanied us for dinner, brought us around and to the beach. We must be mad to go to the beach at nearly midnight when it's freezing cold then!

Courtyard Marriott Surfers Paradise Resort
Courtyard Marriott Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Although we had merely few hours to spend and catch up on life with them, it was an enjoyable evening. They would be coming back to Malaysia next month, so we're all very excited to meet up again. *Grin* Need a good rest for tomorrow's gonna be an eventful day with the sea animals!!


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