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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Random Notes

Aiyaya... I brought the office laptop home yesterday but I forgot to bring it out this morning. My access card and drawer keys are in that bag. I couldn't access the car park and the entrances this morning until I issued myself a temporary card much later after that. Then again, I still can't stuff my bag into the drawer nor make my usual cup of Milo coz the cup is locked in the drawer. Argh! So now I can't really do my work and I don't know what to do till evening.. There goes my day la....

On a much happier note, I think I gained some weight. Just the other day, I weighed myself in my parents' place and saw that I had gained about 3kgs. But Sis said that the weighing scale a bit 'cacat' already. Looks like I'll have to scout for a weighing scale somewhere else to confirm. But woo hoo!!!! That's great news, isn't it? Perhaps it's the fact that when you cook everyday, you tend to make yourself finish up the food no matter how full you are, isn't it? Well, if this really works, then I've got 2 more kgs to go. Fighting! Muahahahhahahahahhahahahahahaha..........

FRG had just spent half an hour on the phone with me, teaching me his version of cooking sweet & sour pork and buttered prawns. It was him and Chino who taught me the basics of cooking when we were in Sheffield, i.e. peeling the garlics la, cutting veges la and how to boil rice. I promised FRG that if he's around town during Christmas, I will cook him a meal. *Grin*


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