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Monday, September 04, 2006

A Breathe of Fresh Air

On Merdeka eve..

LinPeh: Hepi matikahhh!
Me: Ah? Apa mati? Siapa mati?
LinPeh: Tomorrow is MATIKAH!
Me: Oh! Hahahhaa...

Had a nice Merdeka weekend. Went walking up the Taman Tun hill with Inspector and Gummy. I hadn't been doing any serious walking for ages! We had even barely finished the slope from the car to the entrance and I was already asking "How *pant* long *pant* more to go? *pant*". By the time we actually completed a trail and were walking back to our car, I was looking forward for the soya bean truck. Eyes twinkling and all. Cold soya bean drink and the warm tau fu fah woh! Gummy even suggested that they should put up signs that say "1km more to the nasi lemak stall". Tee hee hee.. The walk had also made me realize that it was practically the first time that I got to go for adventures (Yes, walking is still considered an adventure to me. *grin*) with Gummy, after what, 20 years of friendship! Even though my ankles are still aching now, I still had fun hanging out with her. I could bring out the kid in me without worrying if she'd think I'm somewhat childish when I should be acting my age. I sure don't mind going for another walk or perhaps one day, go cloud sculpting together. *smile*

On another note, Mum was relating to me that 13 cars parked along the houses behind their road got broken into. And I was reminding her to tell Dad to take out his valuable stuffs from his car's glove compartment, just to be safe coz he parks his car outside of the house. Mana tau, they broke into Dad's car the very next morning. *Gah!* They smashed the front passenger's window. Thankfully they fled after Dad's car alarm sounded and that nobody, especially Dad was hurt. But the thing I couldn't understand was how come 13 cars' windows got smashed and no alarms went off? Or was it that people nowadays are too afraid or ignorant about it? Suddenly it just don't feel safe now and I worry for my family. I just hope that that's the extent the thieves can go to. They can take whatever money they want, just don't harm my family. That is all I'm asking for..


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