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Saturday, July 08, 2006

We're Married Today!!

------ Flashback : Morning Ceremony ------

08-07-06. The day's finally here. The day when Inspector and I will begin a new journey in our lives together as one.

The make up artist and one of the photographers arrived at my place around 6.30am, while the other photographer arrived at the new house slightly later. Chi Muis and relatives started gathering after 7am. Sis prepared small pieces of cakes and peanuts for me to munch on and a bottle of water with a straw to drink from, coz we know that it's gonna be an awfully long day and I wouldn't be able to eat or drink much throughout the day.

While getting my face plastered up with cosmetics, I could hear the Chi Muis planning their games, snickering away, whispering to one another, and not telling me anything. Although.. I roughly knew what were they up to. Hehehe... Dad and Mum covered my head with the veil. And then I was 'locked' away in my room, waiting to be 'rescued' by my knight in shining errrr... suit? *lol*

Inspector's troop arrived around 8.40am, with all the drivers pressing their car horns as loud as they could throughout the street. His Heng Tais, all dressed in black suits, dark purple ties, with sunglasses and bluetooth, somehow looked like as if they're Inspector's bodyguards instead. Hehe.. Poor them, they had to get through 3 'tolls' just to 'rescue' me. 1st toll was the house gate where they had to give angpows to the Chi Muis, and then Mum made them feast on egg tarts, siew paus and coffee (eat full first) after that, before they proceed to the next 'toll'. For the 2nd one which was the main door, they were told to sing "Old McDonald Had A Farm", and end with another round of angpows for the girls.

Upon stepping into the house, the Heng Tais were in for a challenge - leg hair waxing. I shudder to hear how they survived. Good thing Inspector didn't have to go through that. *lol*

Chi Muis' Game
Looks like they'll have to wear trackpants for their weekly futsal games. Tee hee hee..

While the Chi Muis were scheming for the second game, Inspector looked quizzingly at a plastic cup holder and a bunch of bananas tied with rafia strings that were lying around nearby. He felt that something was up, so he quickly distributed to the bananas to the Heng Tais and told them to finish the bananas. Hehehe... So clever of him. *wink* Hence, the second game became the last game. Inspector had to put on some lipstick, and place his kisses and a message on a huge card to be presented to me.

Chi Mui's Game
A card from him to me.

At the final 'toll' which was my room door, he declared his love for me. Until after the Chi Muis were satisfied then only they opened the door and let him through. *grin* Then the Heng Tais poutingly showed me their 'bulu'-less legs while Inspector told me that they ate the third game. *lol*

Then we proceeded back to the living room where we did the tea offering ceremony to my parents and relatives, and gave angpows to Sis and cousins. Once done and a long round of photo session, Dad sheltered us out towards the bridal car with a new red umbrella. Had a long hug with Mum before I left and she was in tears. Even though we will be half an hour's drive apart, I'm soooo gonna miss her.. *sobs*

Hand in Hand
Together we will be, for always and eternity.

Thus, along with the Heng Tais, Chi Muis and my relatives, we began our drive back to our new house where Inspector's family, relatives and the nicely decorated Bufori were waiting to receive us. Hehe.. Then we offered prayers to the ancestors and 'Tin Kong' (I think!) at the car porch before we went into the house to offer tea to his family and relatives, and then gave angpows to his younger brother and cousins. This time we had the 'Tai Kam Che' to tell us what to do, say whatever auspicious things during the tea offering.

While they served lunch, Inspector carried me into the bedroom, laid me onto the bed and watched Bumblebee poked through the wrapped potty with his hand and grabbed an angpow inside it. Then he was carried onto the bed where he happily jumped and rolled on it without us having to encourage him to do so. He enjoyed it so much that he didn't want to leave the bed! *lol*

Then the 'Tai Kam Che' guided us to perform our 'duties' where I had to remove Inspector's coat and nicely hang it in the wardrobe, while Inspector had to remove my veil and throw it to the top of the wardrobe, apparently as a sign that the marriage will last forever and the love for each other will be as high as the sky. Something like that la. Then we 'lighted' the pair of lamps. This one is not so traditionally done where in the past, the newlyweds had to light the kerosene-based lamps for 3 whole days. Because we didn't want to have the kerosene smell in the bedroom and it can be dangerous, we opted for the battery operated ones. Hehe.. Quite cute also lor, actually.

Auspicious Wedding Lamps
Glimpse of the lamps

We had our lunch, chit chat with friends and relatives, then went back to the bedroom to take the veil down from the top of the wardrobe coz we need to return it to the bridal house. Hehe.. Then Inspector and I left for the hotel with the Bufori. Footitie and Inspector's brother took the Mercedes and trailed us all the way. Was sooo glad the weather was very nice and sunny, so we removed the sunroof and I couldn't even care less if my hair gets messy after the ride. I just needed to hold on to the hairpiece coz I had to return it to the make up artist later in the evening. *grin* We couldn't really speed with the car as the decorations would have easily gotten flown away, so we took a really slow drive towards the city. I think we practically hogged Seremban and Federal Highways. To make things worse, the City Hall did a lot of traffic diversion in effect from today! Why did it have to be today?? But it was still fun. A lot of cars actually slowed down to take a look at us. Some of them happily horned and waved at us. I think there were several others who wound down their car windows and gave us thumbs up, or shouted "Congratulations". *lol* Although Inspector said that it was uncomfortable driving in the car (actually it was pretty spacious for me. Har har!), but we really had a great experience there. Who would have 2 bridal cars on their wedding day? As I've mentioned before, I wouldn't care less if we got my Little Kelisa as the bridal car. But it was indeed a memorable one, being given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually sit in and drive a Bufori. :)

Upon reaching the hotel, we checked into our Bridal Suite and then it was time for rehearsal.. Be back soon!


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