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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Counting Down The Days

3 more days to go....

Made a trip to down to the hotel to pass a stack of personalized stickers to the hotel co-ordinator for the door favors. We have decided on the praline chocolates but the problem is, the box that is provided by the hotel is pretty plain. I thought it would be nice to put some glittered stickers with our names on it, onto the box, just like how I stuck them onto the back of the invitation card envelopes. Pretty cheap mar, RM 5 for 100 pieces. You can get them at the flea market in Curve. *wink*

The hotel co-ordinator called me back and told me that she had been thinking about our gift boxes. She decided to throw in a much nicer one, under the expense of her and her husband (whom in a way, works with Inspector). So nice of her! We are very lucky to have her to co-ordinate our wedding. We were initially assigned to another person but she tendered her resignation last month. We were then assigned to another person. But when Inspector found out that his colleague's wife is in that hotel's Banqueting Dept, we requested that she be put in charge of our portfolio. And boy, we are so glad to have her. Since day one, every single thing that was discussed with her was written down and a copy was sent to us. She would not miss out minor details but kept checking with us what we'd need to provide to her, what we'd need from her and all that. Even when we were still undecided on the menu, she allowed us to go for a second food tasting. She'd recommend what colours to use for the table settings, flowers, reception and the backdrop. She'd also tell us what shouldn't we waste in terms of money, how should our dinner flow go, etc. Now that she's personally throwing in the gift boxes, we are even more 'pai seh' and appreciative of her. I can't wait to see how they look like!

Packed more stuffs and transported them over to the new house. Did a little spring cleaning there and put up a few more red decorations here and there. Mum said it will look nicer in the photos, especially at the area where we are gonna do the 'jam cha' ceremony.

Inspector had just called to inform that we would be getting a second bridal car. Wah! We already have a Mercedes - owns by Footitie's dad whom is also a close friend of Inspector's dad. Small world eh? Actually, if you ask me, I'd rather use my Little Kelisa as the wedding car. I mean, it's our wedding, right. Why should I want to sit on a car that doesn't belong to us and besides, it's something that we can't even afford. Why the need to lie, right? I'm really more than happy to sit in the Little Kelisa with tin cans tied onto the back of it. Hehehehhee... It's more fun!! I wouldn't mind using Inspector's brand new Nissan Sentra too. Oh well... Since Footitie's dad offered, why not, right? Anyway, another of Inspector's friend had offered us a Bufori (see this link). It's a chance of a lifetime to sit in one, what's more to drive one, so Inspector accepted the offer. Tee hee hee.

So now we have 2 bridal cars.. We're planning to use the Mercedes for the morning session where Inspector's gonna come pick me up to go back to our house. From there, we will drive the Bufori while Footitie will drive the Mercedes to the hotel. Sounds damn coooooool...

Now I'll have to make a call to the freelancing florist to ask how much she charges to do a simple decoration for the Bufori. *smile*


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