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Friday, June 02, 2006

When The Going Gets Tough

It was still the year 2000. She came home and got herself a job. He had yet to complete his studies then. She asked to try again and they did. It was their fourth try.

It was a difficult period as they both were in different levels of life. When the girl is earning her own dough but the guy is not, he is bound to have inferiority complex. He'd demand attention, while she'd expect him to understand that she could not always call him while at work. He'd be worried that she would meet someone new at work, where her department was totally male-dominated. She'd be jealous of the girls that was craving for his attention and time. And with all that had happened, she had to throw in more effort to convince him of her love. To make matters worse, her parents were not quite supportive of their relationship. Her mum felt that she should open up her options, to look for someone much more better and successful.

3 years later, he graduated and joined the workforce. She'd expect to still speak to him over the phone every night. He'd expect her to understand that he had to put career as his higher priority, for the betterment of their future. They resorted to spending time together during the weekends. Their relationship got very, very shaky. Too many conflicting opinions and issues cropped up that they argued very frequently. Sometimes to the point where they'd raised their voices and yell at each other, with profanity words flying left right, or slammed the phone down. Sometimes, they just did not speak nor hear from each other for a week. At worst, they'd too exhausted to work it out and threaten to call off the relationship. Too many tearful nights. But isn't making up always the best part? They'd hug and kiss each other more, they'd buy little gifts for each other, they'd send lovey-dovey text messages saying that they miss each other and that they appreciate all the little things they do for each other.

His parents had been pestering that they settle down. The harder part was that they had to put in their best fight to prove to her parents that he is right for her, that he will take care of her. She'd relate all his accomplishments at his workplace to them during dinners, about how his bosses look very highly on him and would not let him leave the company. She'd bring him along to all the family functions and trips. It took them another 2 years to put him in her parents' good books.

They had been discussing about their future together. About how they'd want their wedding to be like. About how they'd want their house to be like. About how many kids they'd want to have. About how they'd want to raise their family. She had one day, casually mentioned that she would be eligible for a free trip from her company, in appreciation of her long service with them. That because she wasn't married, they'd give her a much lesser value. "Let's get married", he suggested. They mentioned it to their parents. His parents were ecstatic. Her parents thought she was pregnant.

As much as they agreed to tie the knot, they were not financially ready yet. And so, the idea was left as a thought. They'd occasionally bring it up but they knew it wasn't the right time. His parents helped to speed up the "thought" and bought over a secondhand house just directly opposite theirs. His parents paid 1/3 of it, and they would repay the rest of the amount through loan installment. Her parents chipped in for the house renovation and furnishing.

On her birthday in year 2005, he suprised her by proposing with a diamond ring. She said Yes. They announced to their families and thus began the preparation to book for their Registration Date and the wedding dinner ceremony. Their families and friends helped out with the preparation. They both couldn't wait for the day to come.


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