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Monday, May 15, 2006

For Mum

The past few months, Sis and I had been hinting to Mum to change her handphone. She had been using the Nokia 3315 for several years already (It's damn long ago, ok). No camera, no colour screen, no storage space for pictures. Mum veli update wan, so must have high tech phone laaa.. ;D

Since Friday was a holiday, Inspector and I went to check out the phones in Low Yat Plaza. Our requirements were must be Nokia phone (easier for Mum to use mar), either a flip or the slide type, got camera, storage space, colour screen, can play Mp3, got radio, all the basic stuffs phones have nowadays. Mum said "buy cheap cheap wan ah!". So we decided to get her the Nokia 6111 (black model). A Mother's Day gift from Sis and I. I had initially wanted to get it for myself since the phone was launched.. But haha.. I was too reluctant to change my phone. She was sooooooo excited! We helped transfer some Mp3s into her phone and taught her how to use the camera. Now I am so jeles of my mum, her phone is more high tech than mine! ;D

Last night we went for buffet dinner at Nikko Hotel. RM 78++ per person, but Sis got 50% off the bill with her credit card. So 'dai'! The food wasn't too bad, but the dessert was a bit slacking. They served chocolate fondue too. I had tried cheese fondue while in Switzerland but have not tried chocolate fondue. So imagine the 'ulu'-ness when Inspector and I kept dipping grapes into the chocolate fountain. We even peeled a couple of bananas, broke them into smaller pieces and dipped into the fountain as well. It was soooooooo filling! Everyone just kept laughing at us trying to finish them up. Haha!

Fruity Chocolate Fondue
Yummy! Should have topped it up with ice-cream though.

Mum happily showed off her phone to Muffinz Uncle and Poh Poh, and 'pok meng' took pictures from it. *lol* Tai Lou's family were there too, got to see how big his kids have grown. His 3-year-old son is sooooo handsome and obedient, the 5-month-old daughter is so chubby and cute that I would love to pinch her. She didn't even throw tantrums when I carried her. Hehhehehe...

We all definitely had fun last night. And I am sure Mum loved her Mother's Day gift. You deserve it, Mum! *Muakz*!!!!


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