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Monday, March 27, 2006

Choosing The Perfect Gowns

I did my gown fittings on Saturday. I must admit, it was fun playing dress up! For a moment there, I felt like a princess! *lol*

We, along with Mum, Sis and Gummy, spent about 4 hours in the bridal house - The first half an hour was a discussion with the photographer (what settings we want, what positions and all that). The rest of the time was 'fashion show'. Hehe.. It was initially pretty embarassing coz the girl followed me into the fitting room. I had to strip off my clothes (well, except the panties la!) while she turned her back towards me.

For each gown I tried on, I paraded in front of my troop, did a few turns here and there, really like fashion show! Inspector, Sis and Gummy would snap pictures of me in the gowns with their canggih-fied handphones. This is one of the things I like with the bridal house. I heard from others, especially Ricepot who had just recently done his photoshoot, that they were not allowed to take pictures unless they have confirmed the gowns. A bit of restriction there. But in our case, we just kept snapping away, the girl didn't even bother! *lol*

One thing to note for when you're choosing your gowns - what style matches you. There's so many out there... Princess, fishtail (mermaid style), A-line, ball (with cancan netting underneath it), etc. For the top part, there's tube, spaghetti strapped, sleeves, one-sided sleeve, corset (just tie like shoelace), etc. You can refer here, here and here for more info. For me, because I'm stick thin, I have to choose A-line skirts. I definitely need to do alteration so the ones with laces on the top are out from my list. Corset is out as well, coz when it's tied, one is supposed to be able to see the criss-cross lines - I'm too small, hence the criss-cross lines cannot be seen already. Hehe.. Try to avoid cancan netting if you can. It's pretty ticklish and can be quite uncomfortable for you to move around. Fishtail can also be slightly harder to move around, you'd have to walk reaaaaaaaally slow and gentle.

The other embarassing thing is that whenever I turn around during my 'parade', you can actually see a huge, black paper clip holding my dress from the back. There were no pins anywhere around, and the clip was the only thing that could really hold tight. *lol*

Gown Clipper
Nice ah, the clip?

If you are choosing your gowns, check if they come with breast pads. If they don't, ask if they can put in the pads, otherwise you have to get your own silicone bra (stick-ons, I heard you can get them from SaSa). Or if they have already added in the pads but you want to make them look 'fuller', then you wear another bra lor. *smile*

I chose 2 bridal gowns for this Friday's photoshoot. Am still contemplating whether I should bring a simple evening gown along. Inspector's gonna bring a few coats and collared shirts. Wah! He'll have more looks than me!


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