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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

'Disastrous' End To A Good CNY Week

A CNY week that started off well (apart from having clever-ly grated my own finger), ended with a 'disastrous' note. I had overeaten during Mum's birthday dinner in Concorde Shah Alam on Friday. In my past experience, when I overate, I would feel uneasy and automatically vomit them out. No matter how much I try to force myself to eat more (I want to gain weight mar!), my body system will 'pandai-pandai' force them out. :(

However, that Friday, I think I had a bad case of overeating and food poisoning. *Gasp* All the glorious food gone down the drain! Vomit la, diarrhoea la.. Semua habis! 'Lenguh' habis! I even barely ate anything when we had a mini lunch gathering at home the next day (just coz my family & relatives won't be celebrating CNY this year, doesn't mean we can't throw a party amongst ourselves, right?). I only managed to 'steal' some agar-agar while watching 20-odd of my relatives feasting themselves away. *sniff*

Came to work on Monday, but nearly 2 hours later, I realized I have not recovered yet. I left and got myself 2 days MC. The doctor said, "Food poisoning. Very common nowadays". Even suggested that I do a blood test one of these days coz I'm too thin. *gah* I slept through out that Monday, drank lots and lots of 100 Plus (Moorish said it helps to get back all the minerals). Then I got dead bored yesterday. Spent the whole day resting on the bed, entertaining myself with GameHouse Ancient Tri-Jong. Sad case.

But hey, I'm feeling much, much better today. That said, it's really good being able to come back to work. ;)

Oh, on a happier note, Inspector and I had finally gone to JPN Putrajaya on Friday to book for our Registration date. The last time we went there, we were told that we were too early to get the date we wanted, which was 1st of August 2005. We did not go back there until last Friday. Hehe.. We're finally gonna get registered this coming June! Pray that nothing's gonna stop us from signing those papers!


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