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Monday, January 30, 2006

No CNY Celebration

As Nai Nai's passing was just last month, we won't be celebrating this CNY. That said, we won't be going back to Dad's hometown. In fact, I don't think we'll ever go back to celebrate CNY anymore, now that both Yeh Yeh & Nai Nai are no longer here.

For the first time in my entire life, I'm witnessing CNY here in KL. It's really quiet, and there's nothing much to do. Even most of the shops are closed for the celebration. Add to the fact that we're still in the mourning period, we won't be doing any visiting. Not that we are 'pantang' about it, more like, other people will 'pantang' that we will bring bad luck to them.

It's really awkward spending CNY away from Dad's hometown. Usually we would go back on CNY eve. We would bunked in my grandparents' house. We would help Yeh Yeh set up the table for prayers outside the house compound. We would have dinner at home - The main table for the elders, the smaller table for the children (I'm still considered in that category. Heh!). Later that night, the rest of the relatives would come over. To chit chat, to watch tv, to feast on the CNY goodies, to gamble. The younger ones would play with fireworks. It would be oh so noisy there. Once when it was the right time to welcome the God, Yeh Yeh would lead the prayers. We would then light up the firecrackers. Neighbours would also light up theirs. There would be no chance for peaceful sleep at that time. We would then resume to gamble and stay up till as late as we could.

On the first day of CNY, we would all dress up. We would begin our greetings to everyone, and receive angpows. We would be vegetarian for the day. We would visit our relatives' houses and munch a lot of CNY goodies. Usually we would be done by about 3-4pm, go back to my grandparents' place to rest and freshen up. Later that night, we would have dinner at home, then head towards an aunt's place for open house. We would depart on the second day, come back to KL and spend CNY with relatives from Mum's side.

I will really miss all that. If only I can turn back the clock, or able to make my grandparents live much longer. But I know I can't, and that CNY will never be the same again. All I can do, is to try to relive the celebration within my family, spend lots of time with them. I just realize I would have to start giving out angpows for the next CNY. *Gasp*

Oh well, happy CNY, everyone. Gong xi, gong xi!!


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