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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bloggers' Cha Cha Guo Xin Nian

Am really late in this.. But hey, did you check out the launch of the Cha Cha Guo Xin Nian premiere yesterday? It's all over the Malaysian blogosphere, how can you miss it?

It's really good! Just like the White Christmas project, the singers are all from different parts of the country, if not the world. There's a couple of auspicious greetings in the beginning, some in English, some in different Chinese dialects. It really brings out the CNY mood, especially the firecrackers and the lion dance music at the background. Not forgetting, the singers are all really great sports. Most of us can't read Chinese characters, so we had to make do with the 'han ying pin yin' translations. Then again, hey, it turned out great! Like I've said yesterday, it's much, much, much more better than White Christmas.

What are you waiting for? Go listen here or here. Go visit 5xMom, Allison, Cocka-Doodle, Desmond9394, GB Yeow, Helen & her husband, John Ong, JoMel, King's Wife, KL Podcast, Lin Peh, LP, May, Moonlady, Pin Pin, Simmie Lang, Thai Boxing Girl, Wingz & Zara's mum. Tell them you love their voices. Tell them you want to hear them sing again. Also gotta give credits to Wennie for translating the lyrics for us.

Do watch out for the premiere of the MTV version this Thursday, yah. I'm pretty excited about it myself. Kudos to Lin Peh for the fantastic production!!


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