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Monday, January 23, 2006

Gong Xi Gong Xi Premieres

Got the e-mail from Lin Peh a bit late today.

Bloggers' Cha Cha Guo Xin Nian premieres will be out today and Thursday. Keep an eye on the following dates & times :-

Jan 23 (today), 10.28 am ("Yat Teng Yi Fat!") - Cha Cha Guo Xin Nian

Jan 26 (Thursday), 3.28 pm - MTV version of Cha Cha Guo Xin Nian

Don't play play, got MTV version somemore. Good enough for Desmond Wong to sell?

Since I usually have team meetings at 10.30am every Mondays, looks like I'll have to miss the launch of the World Premiere. *sob* But do keep watch on this blog, or better still, go straight to the launch. Download it. Listen to it. Love it or hate it - Give us your feedbacks. I personally feel that it's much, much more better than White Christmas. But hey, you be the judge. Who knows, if this time's response is really good, maybe Lin Peh will produce another one for Valentine's Day. *smile*

So, remember... 10.28 am later!! 17 more minutes to the World Premiere!!


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