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Friday, December 16, 2005

"Saya Anti Rasuah" Campaign.. Yah Right!

Someone knocked into Sis' car last Friday. She was driving home when an impatient driver forced his way and knocked into her car. It was a minor dent on her side, yet he shouted at her. She told him that she would prefer to settle it at the police station and took down his particulars. He obviously got worried and said he only had RM 20 with him.

Sis accepted the $ and went off fuming. Frustrated that he only paid RM 20 for a dent that would need at least RM 220 to repair (I got my colleague's husband to check it for me - he was the one who fixed my car when it got scratched last time). Yet Mum thought it would be troublesome to make a police report or how she would lose her NCB if she make an insurance claim over something so minor like this. So she let it go.

On Tuesday, she received a 'lovely' saman letter. Turned out, the other driver lodged a report on her. So she went to the said police station to make her report the very next day. The police that took her case taught her how to write her report, and told her to go back the next day coz apparently, the Sergeant that was handling 'that case' was on leave.

So she went back to the station yesterday to meet the Sergeant. He said that she was in the wrong, so must be charged for it. That was RM 300. Because she did not make a police report within 24 hours, she was charged another RM 300. He kept
asking her, "Macam mana?". Sis asked if he could "tolong" her. But all he could say was "Macam mana?" She asked him what options does she have. He said, "saman lah". She intepreted it as having no other options but to be charged for it, so she agreed to be summoned. Guess what he did after that? He yelled at her up down, right left.

Sergeant : "Kamu tak ada budi pekerti. Dari tadi sampai sekarang kamu langsung tak minta maaf. Kamu tahu tak, saya yang berhak issue saman, kalau kamu tahu minta maaf, saya mungkin tak akan issue saman. Tapi kamu langsung tak minta maaf".

He went on and on and on about her not saying "sorry" to HIM. Eh hallo, why should she apologize to him?? If at all she needs to apologize, shouldn't she be apologizing to the other driver instead? Why need to say "sorry" to the Sergeant??

Now we understand that what he actually wanted was some "coffee money". But, on broad daylight IN the police station?? Mind you, he was wearing the "Saya ANTI rasuah" badge. A sergeant somemore! I wouldn't say that every single police is corrupted, but a few rotten apples like them can spoil the whole orchard. Or can't they?

Yah right!

So does wearing the badge makes any difference? I'd say no. They'd still abuse their authority. Corruption will not go away. If we succumb to corruption, more social problems like these will crop up. If we don't, we pay and suffer for not obliging. That said, Sis got herself a RM 600 fine. *grrr*


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