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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Post-Birthday Cake

Haagen-Dazs Ice-Cream Cake

This is the ice-cream cake we bought from Haagen-Dazs for the November babies in my dept (That's me! That's me!). We bought a 2kg Macadamian Nut worth RM 189. But because I have the membership privilege and it's my birthday this month, they sent me a 30% discount voucher for all ice-cream purchases. It's a one time coupon. So.. Make the most out of it la...

Oh by the way, there were 4 candles.. Not because I'm 40 years old or something (I'm still young!! I've just turned 26!), but coz there are 4 of us with birthdays in November. So each of us get to blow 1 candle. *lol*

Happy (belated) birthday to me,
Happy (belated) birthday to me,
Happy (belated) birthday to me,
Happy (belated) birthday to meeeeeeeeee.

Happy Birthday to Hammie tooooo!!



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