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Friday, November 25, 2005

Joyful Earrings!!

I have something to tell you. I have a new hobby now. I'm making my own jewelry. YAY!

I seen a lot of people setting up stalls at Amcorp Mall's flea market, selling jewelry. I was tempted to buy some earrings, but either the designs were too fancy or the colors were just not to my liking. So I thought, hey, why not I make my own ones. That's when I started checking out on sites on how to make jewelry. Hehe..

With great help from Twinsmom (she provided the locations on where to get the supplies, thank you soooo much!!), some ideas from April, and of course, huge huge help from Mum (she, along with a friend, helped me get the supplies. I love you, Mum!! *Muakz*) I managed to make my first collection of dangle earrings. YAY!!

I started off reaaaaaally slowly, making my first pair while watching Super Rookie on 8TV. After a couple of times doing trial and error, they turned out like this..

Dangle Earrings
My first pair of dangle earrings. Nice ah?

After getting Mum's approval, I went on making another 5 pairs (still was slow, but in a slightly faster speed. Hehe..).

My Earrings Collection
My homemade collection. Think ok ah?

I'm already addicted to the idea of making my own jewelry - I get to create my own designs, to my own liking! I'll be getting more supplies and heh, will make a couple of pairs for a few friends as 'hadiah sampingan' for their birthdays this weekend. If you think there are some designs which you think I should try on, do let me know. I'll be happy to try them out! ;)

Note :- Sorry la.. Pictures turned out so blur.. What to do, lousy phone camera. Anyone willing to get me a better one for Christmas? Hehe..


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