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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

No $$, No Renovation

Everything needs $$. When it comes to renovating the house, no $$ no talk. No $$, live with what you have. Got $$, then renovate with however much you can afford. Got more $$, even better still.

We've started renovation already. Well, going bit by bit. Starting off with the kitchens (wet and dry), then the back part of the house, then will proceed to repainting the wall fence and the exterior walls of the house. If got more $$, we'll renovate the bathrooms and redo the staircase. Oh, and change the kitchen cabinets. The problem is, no $$, how to do. We don't mind living within our means, make do with what is provided. Then again, parents will nag and say "Better do now. Next time move in already, then want to renovate, very ma fan. Very san fu".

Then when it comes to buying stuffs, got to go to a couple of places to compare the price, quality and the outlook. For instance, we spent one full day just to go look for curtains. We went to several places but ended up at Kamdar to tailor make them. That also at least RM 700 for the living room itself! Ricepot estimated his own house renovation will be at least RM 40k. That's helluva huge sum!!

I do wonder sometimes how could everyone handle the whole renovation thing. There's so much to plan, places to go, decisions to make, it can really take up a lot of time. And of course, not forgetting, $$$ dumped out for all these. I'm already drained out the past 1 week (It was supposed to be a freaking DeepaRaya holiday for me!). I don't know how long more can I take it. But if everyone else can do it, so can I, eh?


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