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Sunday, October 23, 2005

House Cleaning

*sweep sweep sweep*
*mop mop mop*
*scrub scrub scrub*
*wipe wipe wipe*
*wash wash wash*

That's what Inspector & I had been doing to the house these 2 weekends. We bought ceiling lights in Old Klang Road and a 5-blade remote controlled fan from Panasonic. Inspector bought a packet of carpet grass seeds. We wanted to try it out. So we marked a corner portion of the garden, pulled out the grass and their roots, loosen the soil and sprinkled some of the seeds on it. Need to water the soil everyday. Results should appear within 6-8 weeks time. Hope it works!

Next things we're gonna do are to plan for the toilet renovation and to buy curtains. Any suggestions where to buy cheap but nice curtains?


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