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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Home Improvement Ideas & Cooking Recipes

Inspector and I have been reaaaally crazy over the house we hope we would get.

This whole week, we have been talking nothing else but the house, about what we would buy, where we would look for, where we would put them. Both sides of our families have been pouring out ideas and help to us. Mum even mentioned that she would have to start teaching me how to cook!

We have been flipping through Ikea magazines for ideas. Inspector brought back a couple of brochures from the Mapex Exhibition in Mid Valley to look at the pictures of the show units. He even bought the Square Rooms magazine (and a book "Buddha Baby" by Kim Wong Keltner for me.. Bless him! *Muakz*).

Today pulak, we went to Ikea, Macy and Harvey Norman (both in Ikano). We popped by at MPH to browse for home improvement books and magazines. I spent a while at the Cookery section and decided on getting a recipe book. For the first time in my entire 26 years, I now own a recipe book!!! I sound like a princess, right? Hey, I can prepare a decent plate of Maggi Mee or Indo Mee goreng. I can fry eggs. I can boil rice. I can cut vegetables and stir fry them. I can cook spaghetti. It's just that, I don't know all the nitty gritty stuffs. Like, what ingredients do I need to cook a certain dish, how long it takes to do something, and all that. And one wonders how could I manage to survive in Sheffield for 2 years - I wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for my 'heng tais'. Five guyz cooking weekday dinners and weekend meals for me every single day... Oh, and for birthday dinners, CNY dinners, Christmas dinners, etc.. All I needed to do was to cut the vegetables and wash the dishes after meals. Because I don't take spicy food, whenever they feel like cooking chicken curry or anything spicy, they would cook an extra dish (non-spicy one) specially for me. And they would also make sure I have more than enough of food for my share. I'm THAT blessed. Then again, otherwise their mums and my Mum would go after them. *lol*

Anyway, since I would have to cook one fine day, I'd have to start learning sooner or later, right. Although actually, Inspector's been trying to stall me from cooking ever since I burnt some sausages while trying to prepare him a full English breakfast eon years ago. ;) Nevertheless, I bought this one..

Taken from Magshop website

It has more than 80 recipes ranging from soups (Thai sweet and sour soup, Tom yum goong, Udon soup) to noodles and rice (Prawn noodle salad, Nasi goreng, Pad Thai), to vegetarian (Gado gado, Green curry vegetables, Vietnamese omelette), to seafood (Balti fish curry, Prawn sambal, Steamed coconut fish), to poultry (Lemon chicken, Peking duck rice-paper rolls, Chiang mai chicken salad) and meat (Pork vindaloo, Tandoori lamb cutlets, Beef rendang), prepared and cooked in less than 30 minutes. All these for RM 19.90 only. Kinda cool... :)

So yes, that's officially my first recipe book. I can't wait to buy more books, not forgetting for desserts and cakes!!! Yay!


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