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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Jewel's Wedding & The House

Jewel's wedding was excellently organized! From the church wedding right up to the dinner at Shangri-La, Putrajaya. Everything was just soooo perfect. It sets as a benchmark, awfully hard for the rest of us to follow now. *Sighz* No $$ lar...

The church wedding was at Assumption Church. Moorish, Lily and Sue were her bridesmaids. They looked sooo sweet and feminine as they walked down the aisle before Jewel - baby blue dresses, matched with baby pink heels with a butterfly pattern on each side of the heels. It was amusing to note that the bestmen were not, uhm, very tall especially compared to Moorish and Sue. Cute, nevertheless. A couple of schoolmates attended the wedding too. Moorish, Lily and Sue got Jewel some DIY wedding gifts, and a wedding cake. It's reaaaally cute. Take a look at it..

The sugary cake. Cute, no?

After the reception, I drove home and waited for Inspector to pick me up. He and his family had viewed the house in the morning. His Dad did some PR-ing and the owner brought the price down to RM 395k. Not too bad for a corner lot, freehold somemore. The house is really "feng shui"-oriented. Everything had been done up properly, need a fresh coat of paint though, but move in condition. They made an agreement, and the owner took down the "House for Sale" sign. Next things to do, is to give 1% down payment first, settle the S&P agreement and then pay the rest of the down payment. Both Inspector and I were excited about it, so we went rounding the neighbourhood and looked at corner lot houses for ideas on how to renovate ours. Hehehe..

After that, it was time for Jewel's dinner ceremony at Shangri-La, Putrajaya. It was really, really posh there. The ambience was there, it was exquisite and I don't know, I think the attendees' behaviour did help make a difference too. She hired a jazz band to entertain the guests, got one of her uncles to be the emcee, her 2nd sister gave a lovely and comical presentation on how Jewel and her husband met (they met at a pub in KL through the 2nd sister.. Hehe), and his bestmen sang a few songs (they were really good!).

Shangri-La Putrajaya
The pond outside the banquet hall

The center of the tables, decorated with lit candles in a bowl of water, surrounded with rose petals

The cute cake was cut into pieces, and we took the liberty to decorate the plate with rose petals before we took some snapshots of it. Haha.. See how crazy we could get?

A piece of the cake

For the first time, we received a wedding favor that proved to be useful. Usually it would be chocolates or small slices of cakes. We got a slice of fruit cake, wrapped in a nice golden box and a fan, with paper flowers and a handwritten note attached on it.

Fan as a wedding favor

Did I mention how crazy we were over the wedding cake? The waiter served the slices and a doll each for the newlyweds. We took the chance to snap some pictures of those too.

The dolls for the cake topping

After the dinner ended, lots of chit-chatting, he he ha ha on our table, Jewel invited us to their room. They had been upgraded to the Presidential Suite!! And that was the one and only Presidential Suite they have in that hotel!! Really couldn't believe it.. 2260 square feet, consists of two bedrooms with attached bathrooms (each with a round bath tub and a huge shower area), a separate living room, dining room, kitchenette and a small rock garden outside the living room. I felt like a royalty as I entered the suite. Not many people has the chance to stay a night in a Presidential Suite unless of course, if one's a royalty or an expat. What's more the chance to at least step in it, and that was what we were doing. All of us were in awe!!

The living room in the Presidential Suite, taken from Putrajaya Shangri-La website

It was definitely an unforgettable wedding. Almost like a fairy tale wedding, and somewhat how we had hoped our weddings would be like. Congratulations, Jewel & hubby! Next function will be full moon celebration, perhaps? Hehehe...


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