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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hen Party In Progress!

Hen badge for the night

Moorish got us badges, ain't it cute? There was another one in yellow with bright pink words that goes along like, "Beware! I'm A Hen Party Member!" The Hen Party was at Passion, dress code in shades of pink or red at about 10 plus at night. We made Jewel wear a pair of blinking devil's horns. Imagine the suprise we had when we saw another hen party arrived with the bride-to-be wearing a veil and accompanied by two nuns. That was reaaaaally funny.

Lily started the 'engine' with a deck of Truth Or Dare cards, and got everyone laughing when Sue was dared to give a butterfly kiss to a guy in the bar of Jewel's choice, and Moorish had to give her best model's pose with another guy. Freaky Girl, on the other hand, did not even know about bra sizes, like how big is an A cup or a D cup!! Helllooooo.. At 26, a girl should know this, how the heck does she buy her bras??

Anyway, when we saw there were more guyz in the bar, Moorish and Lily decided to proceed with the bride's games. Oh, we tortured Jewel to the max. We made her walk around with a white tee filled with guy's names and she had to go collect all the signatures from guys of those names. Can't believe there were actually an "Ah Beng", "Ali", "Goh" and "Antonio" in the crowd! Alright, so there weren't anyone called "Kanna" or "Raju" there.. Then, we made her sell packs of condoms. Ho ho ho. That was fun.

We all had a superb night. We went back to the apartment after 3 am, took our showers, we feasted on the leftover food and the red bean dessert, then we knocked out after 5 am. We checked out at noon, and 5 of us - Moorish, Lily, Jewel and Sue headed over to Equatorial Hotel for buffet lunch at Kampachi. Poor Jewel, she was too hung over then, so she couldn't join in but we managed to celebrate Moorish's birthday before her fiance picked her up.

Moorish's "cake" - a glassful of green tea ice-cream

Jewel's wedding is in less than 3 weeks' time and she'll be the first one among the group to settle down. Hopefully it was a night to remember (at least in her case!), coz it sure was for me!


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