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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I Nearly Screwed Up My Friend's Hen's Night Plans

Jewel is getting married next month. The rest of us - Moorish, Lily, Sue and Jewel's sister (I was more of a tag-along kind) had been planning a hen's night for her this coming weekend. We had been mass mailing each other about what can we do for the celebration - where to stay, what to eat, what to buy, what games to play on her, where to party for the night, how much do we need, what to wear, so on and so forth. Jewel knows that we're hosting a party for her, but we are hiding the rest of the details from her. *Nyek nyek nyek*. Until I, so smarty pants, nearly spilled the plans to her. Sighz.

What happened was that, we thought of going to a nice hotel the next day, somewhere nearby the apartment we're gonna bunk in, for buffet lunch and celebrate Moorish's birthday (Jewel knows this, but Moorish doesn't know it's for her birthday). Sue called me on Friday afternoon to ask me to send an e-mail to everyone to inform that she had placed a booking for the buffet lunch at Equatorial Hotel, and that no slippers are allowed. So I searched for the latest mass mail which Lily sent regarding the confirmation of plans and the cutdown of the cost and all, clicked "Forward", typed in my content ("Sue has booked for buffet lunch at Equatorial, no slippers allowed, please take note", bla bla bla), added Jewel's e-mail address into the Recipient section, and SENT it out without deleting Lily's e-mail content!! Yup, the whole thing!!

It took me a few seconds to realize what a dumbo I was, and I frantically chased Sek Long into the Server Room (less than 20 steps away, actually) to delete the mail from the queue. He managed to delete the ones to Moorish, Jewel's sis and Lily (thank goodness there were many other people sending out e-mails!), but because the mail buffer queue gets overwritten quickly, so we couldn't find out if the rest, especially Jewel, got the mail!!! *Gasp* I will not forgive myself if Jewel does get the mail and reads the whole thing! Everything will be screwed up. Everything wouldn't be so fun already if she knows what do we have 'cooking' for her. I think Sue regretted asking me to write the e-mail. Hehehe..

Oh well. For sure Moorish didn't get the mail. Sue did, but she didn't scroll down the mail, so she didn't realize the extra info that I had forgotten to delete, well.. Until I told her about it, that is. Moorish sms-ed Jewel to tell her to delete my e-mail coz "Lil Patchee wrote something personal which was actually meant for me". Really dumbo... Can't believe I actually would accidently disclose the whole details!

Now Sue feels that we shouldn't have told Moorish about the buffet lunch venue. It's coz Moorish doesn't know it's for her birthday treat. "Why go to Equatorial? You all got so much of marnee izzit?" Then again, she might have family plans.. Oh no.. How to convince her to cancel the family plans and join us for lunch instead?


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