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Thursday, July 21, 2005

My Little Grass Baby

Guess what, guess what.. My baby arrived!! Aiyah, not real baby la.. Introducing... Grass Baby..


My little Grass Baby

Cute or not? She's 1 day's old today. Inspector's colleague (an auntie, may I add, very motherly too) gave it to him a couple of months ago. But he's never around in his office and won't have time to 'jaga' her. So all this while, she was tucked into a box, deep in one of his drawers. So poor thing lerrr... Since my company was shifting and I chose to sit by the window, I thought, why not, I can take care of her. When Inspector dropped by at my office yesterday and passed it to me, I squealed like a little girl. It's sooooooooooooo cute... Got ribbons and all. Hehe..

Last night, Mum & I searched left right up down in the kitchen for a nice piece of glassware to put her in. I brought it to work this morning, placed her in the center of the glassware (a short rectangular thing), poured water into it, made a small signage with my name on it and placed it beside my monitor.

So cute larrr... What I'm supposed to do is to keep providing water and slowly, she will grow "hair" (grass la). Then have to trim the hair from time to time. Cute or not? At least whenever I'm stressed out with my work, I can just stare at her. Any stress whatever sure disappear like lightning.. But more distraction now!! I mean, how can one not smile by just looking at her?? She's still very "bald" now.. Can't wait for her to grow some "hair"!

Well, at least it should be a good start into taking care of a living thing. Practice first mar, if 'tak boleh jaga' one Grass Baby, how to take care of a real baby next time, right? Now I'm gonna go think on how to decorate her little "cradle". *grin*


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