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Friday, June 24, 2005

#taylors Bash In 1997

Wow.. Sounds like the PPS birthday bash was a whole lot of fun! Too bad, I didn't go for it. Then again, I wouldn't have known anyone there, nor anyone know who the heck am I. Hehe..

The bash reminded me of the IRC days when we had a huuuuge gathering at Sunway Pyramid back in 1997. Boy, that was, what, 8 years ago!! It was probably the one and only #taylors gathering we had, we practically swarmed the whole A&W and the area in front of it. Yeah, I was in the #taylors channel.. Did you use to chat there too? I don't know if I was a famous kaki in that channel, but I remember being one of the Ops (Okay, so mayyyyyybe I was famous back then.. *lol*). It was fun having the power to kick or ban people out (especially those awfuly annoying ones and those who loves to flood the channel!). Oh, and how could I forget, the power to mess around with the bots. Muahahaha...

Anyway, like how the PPS bash was, it was exciting to meet the people behind their nicks. "Oh.. So you're so-and-so!!" And also very interesting to see how people react. "Oh.. You look errrhm... Different.. I thought you would look _____ (fill in the blank)". It's funn how we've never met certain people before, yet we seemed so darn close-knitted in the virtual world. Like, maybe you were lepakking in a 24-hour Nasi Kandar stall, and this stranger was sitting on a table beside yours, sipping Teh O Ais Limau (I'm still pondering how Iced Lemon Tea can sound so high class, but Teh O Ais Limau doesn't, yet they're both the same!). Perfect strangers yet in the virtual world, you've probably traded your upmost secrets and all!

Ahhh.. What am I crapping about.. All in all, in events like these, you get to meet soooo many new friends. in fact, most of the people I met in college were through #taylors. I hope the same thing goes for everyone who attended the PPS bash. Was browsing through all the photos in other blogs, and well.. It's really nice to be able to place their nicks with a face. :)

Happy Birthday, PPS. A little late, but hopefully, better late than never! And also congratulations to the winners!!


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