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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Do/Will You Wear Your Wedding Ring?

Last weekend, Inspector and I walked into a jewellery store to look for a birthday present for Xiao Ping. At the same time, we browsed through their weddings and couple rings collection.. We did discuss before about tying the knot and he wants it to be early next year.

There were so many to look at, so I just briskly asked him, "Are you gonna wear it after we're married?" He instantly replied, "OF COURSE NOT!" which really hurt me, in which I said, "If like that, might as well get a really, really cheap one".

I don't know if I was being really sensitive about it. But to me, a wedding ring should be worn throughout your life from the day you are officially proclaimed a married person. Ok, not the whole 24/7, but at least most of the times. A wedding ring is supposed to be a symbol of your love, or your eternal bond towards each other, or shouldn't it be, or that it's just another accessory?

I'm not talking about how much should a ring cost. I don't care about that, you know. I don't care if the ring is worth 5 digits or so, with big, sparkling diamond on it, or a simple and patternless ring worth 10 bux from the pasar malam. But the fact is that, if you don't wear your ring, what's the point of getting one and then keep it in the drawer? I'm not asking too much until that you have to wear it to sleep, to shower, to games and all, but the rest of the times, what is wrong with that? Or is "I'm afraid I might bend/lose it" a valid excuse? Or like what Virgin Boy said, "unless his job is to dig shit from sewerage la.. But then again, even plumbers wear them.. But perhaps a mechanic doesn't.. Coz his hands are constantly in grease.."

Honestly, am I being really sensitive about this? I see my heng tai, Chino with his wife for nearly 9 years before they got married early this year, he happily wears his ring. I see my other colleagues, no matter how macho they make themselves sound, they still happily wear their rings. If guys expect their wives to wear their rings, why don't guyz themselves wear them too? I really, really don't get this..


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