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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

To Make More $$

Moorish forwarded me this words of wisdom.. I do not know who wrote this initially, but, I'm sure at least everyone would want to earn more money, one way or another, do the "Rich Dad Poor Dad" way by going all out for the passive income while still earning your wages actively, wanting to retire before 30 years old or something.

But I find this one worth pondering about. Perhaps if you read it every morning, it might just motivate you to start your work. Hehe..

"If you don't have the money you need to live the lifestyle you want, go out and make more money.
You can make more money either by "forcing" the world to pay you more - and that way, because it is artificial, will be difficult and eventually self-destructive.
Or you can make more money by finding out how to make the work you do more valuable to others - and that way, the natural way, will be rewarding from the first moment you do it until long after you are gone."


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