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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A Daily Scenario At My Workplace

Picture this...

It's just after lunch. He sits down at his workplace. He's holding a packet of fresh, oily 'keropok lekor' with his left hand. His right hand is holding a piece while he's still chewing another piece in his mouth. He finishes up the whole packet and throws the plastic into the wasterpaperbasket by the side of his desk. He resumes his work and types furiously on his keyboard.

10 minutes later, he stops typing. He pushes his chair slightly behind. He brings his right foot up and drops it horizontally onto his left lap. He takes out the shoe on the right foot and place it on the floor. With both his hands, he touches the exposed sock, rubs his palms around the part where the palm of the foot is covered as he adjusts the sock. Once satisfied, he puts the shoe back onto his foot, brings his foot back to the ground and resumes his work.

Anytime later after that, he digs his nose with his fingers. He holds the booger and plays it with his fingers as he stares at the computer. He flicks it off his hand. He digs again. Once in a while, he scratches his head with the same hand. Or he bites his fingers. Come tea break, he walks around to look for something to munch on. The whole nose digging, nail biting and head scratching cycle repeats every now and then.

If this is not bad enough, he sits directly on your left, but you are both separated by a 2 feet space to walk around. You see the nose digging-head scratching-nail biting-food munching-typing act from morning till you leave for home, and there's nothing blocking you from that 'scene'.

In case if you think that it's just a made up story, let me tell you this. IT'S REAL. No salt nor pepper added. I'm that poor victim, and he is NR. I witness it every day. I can't shift my computer to cover that view. Even when I'm intensely thinking and concentrating on my own stuff, I unconsciously look around and when I see him in that act, all my thoughts just fly out and I go "EEEEEWWWWWW YUCK!!" I don't even dare to touch anything on his desk, not even touch or sit on his chair, nor answer his phone. I don't even want to imagine if he washes his hands after going to the toilet. YUCK YUCK YUCK!

Really can't help it, you know. This is the guy who supervises me and my job. The guy who appraises my performance. The guy who is supposed to be a role model to his small fries like me. There are of course other annoying habits like reading novels on his 17" LCD panel (bright orange background with dark orange Chinese fonts, may I add), interrupting people's conversation uninvitedly, or raising his voice at you when you're just within 1 feet radius from him. But that's another story lar..

But.. For goodness' sake, at least if he wants to do all these, WASH YOUR HANDS in between larrr... Eeeeeeeewwwwww...


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