Memory.. Little threads that hold life's patches of meaning together. ~ Mark Twain

Friday, March 25, 2005


My company had power trip sometime before noon. It's a norm lar, being that my dept has soo many testing equipment, that every now and then, someone would accidently short circuit something and *poof* there goes the electricity.

Everytime when this happens, some of us would be happy (don't need to work mar!). Or some would go, "arghhh... I didn't save my stuff!" Or "arghhh... I don't have UPS!!" We would all be chatting, go for long lunches, take a nap.. Bla bla bla.. But what got me thinking is that, in the past, no electricity also, everyone could still get on with their routines without much complaints, all they need was to think of alternative solutions until the electricity is up again. But nowadays, no air cond means "too hot, too stuffy, cannot work". No radio or PC to play mp3s means "aiyah, very boring larrr". No battery-operated microwave means "how to heat my lunch??". Remember the great blackout that happened in January? Ohh.. That was really a great one..

Sometimes, I think that with the increasingly advanced technology around us, we tend to forget how simple our lives used to be. Like, we never had mobile phones in the good old days, yet we could still get on with life. Nowadays, mobile phones are a necessity in life.

Imagine, I was sweating like a pig and I could still reflect on things like these. They just make you think back of your roots and perhaps make you appreciate life even more, don't they?


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