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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Gong Xi Fa Cai

It's a very quiet affair back in Dad's hometown. Ever since Yeh Yeh passed away, there had been so much of family rifts amongst his children (Dad excluded). Now, most of them just don't come back for reunions anymore, not even for Nai Nai's sake who had been so disappointed waiting for all of them to come back. They'd rather all spend the CNY with their own families.

It's sad really.. Despite blood being thicker than water, I think ego and pride are even thicker. Every year, all of them would gather at Yeh Yeh & Nai Nai's place for several nights. Some would be playing Blackjack. Some would be playing Mahjong. The children would be lighting fireworks. The rest would be lingering at the living room, watching TV, chatting with each other and munching CNY tidbits. It was oh, so lively back then. This year? Only me, Mum, Sis and 5th Ku played Mahjong, while a younger cousin lit fireworks with his neighbourhood friends.

If I am Nai Nai, I would be disappointed as hell. The family head may have gone, but does she not mean anything to the rest of them? Her birthday's next month, I wonder how many ppl will turn up for the dinner. We shall wait and see..

Till then, happy CNY and drink lots and lots of water!!! CNY tidbits are very heaty!


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