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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Hippy Chick's Announcement

Received an e-mail from Hippy Chick that she has set her wedding registration on the 25th Feb. That is in 3 weeks time! Whoppeeee! Her wedding ceremony will be on the 4th June at her hometown. Am pretty excited about it, although we're already knew about her wedding plans much earlier when we met up with her for Ketua's wedding last November. ;)

We made a boo-boo though.. Hippy Chick wanted Labu and Hippo to be her emcees during her wedding dinner. I replied that it's better to choose either one instead of having both of them together, coz that "Hippo has annoyed Labu enough already". In the end, after a few rounds of e-mails, she decided on Hippo. And so, she wrote an e-mail to me and Hippo to invite him to be her honourable emcee, TOGETHER with our previous "conversations"!!

SHIT! He read that part and he asked me about it. I was like, "FUCK!" Called Hippy Chick immediately, and she "pandai-pandai" tried to "recall" the e-mail. Too lateeeee... Labu felt like strangling her.. Hehe..

Anyway, what's done was done. Just got to cover up a bit lar.. Hippy Chick said I'm good at that. *lol* Oh well.. Lesson learnt here, don't simply forward e-mails without proofreading the content. Hehehe..


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