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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Streamyx Follow Up

Thanks to all the suggestions poured in for the previous entry. I called TMNet again last night. Needless to say, I vented my 1-week-long frustration for about 20 minutes at Guy 4..

Guy 4 : "The report here says that a technician went over last Wednesday afternoon but no one was at home". (AHHH! Now different ppl are telling me different things)
Me : "Then he should at least call my house phone or my mobile before he comes over. It's not like I can always be at home to wait for him to come unnoticed"
Guy 4 : "Did you receive a blue card?"
Me : "What blue card? There wasn't any blue card or note"
Guy 4 : "No blue card? Ok, I will check for you"
Me : "Why didn't he give me a call? It's been more than 1 week"
Guy 4 : "Sometimes they don't have a mobile phone, or they cannot call out to the customers" (This is realllllllly stupid!)
Me : "If cannot call out, then he should at least go back to report to the superior, and get someone else to call me back"
Guy 4 : "Yes, yes, I'm sorry, but sometimes this is the technician's attitude, you know" (No, I don't know)
Me : "Ok, maybe he's busy, but it's more than a week!"
Guy 4 : "Yes, yes, I understand your situation"
Me : "Coz I think I just need to get a new set of modem. If it takes more than a week to wait for him to do that, might as well I just go over to Kedai Telekom, change it, and I fix it myself"
Guy 4 : "You can do that, but anyhow also, my people still need to "something something" (I assume the meaning is to close) the report. Telekom ppl can just fix the phone line, but otherwise, it's TMNet's part already"
Me : "Ok, then how about you give me the technician's number? I can call him directly"
Guy 4 : "I'm sorry, I don't have the number now. I have to wait and check"
Me : "Aiyoh, then what should I do now?"
Guy 4 : "Ok, I tell you a good news. You can call the Billing Dept and to get a rebate for the 1 week lost of connection"
Me : "I'm not asking for a rebate here! I'm complaining about the after-sales service. What's the point of me subscribing to Streamyx when the service is not up to its standard when it's claimed to be?"
Guy 4 : "Yes, yes, I'm sorry. The reports were made by my junior here. I'm the senior. I will make sure that a technician will be there within 24-48 hours"
Me : "If not, then what happens?"
Guy 4 : "You wait until Friday, 4-5pm. If a technician is still not there, then you call and ask for me"
Me : "Then? Takkan I ask you to come and fix for me pulak?"
Guy 4 : "I will make sure he will be there before then"
Me : "Very sure?"
Guy 4 : "Yes, I will submit the 2nd report and see to it"
Me : "Why 2nd report? This is the 4th time I'm calling, why only the 2nd report? How about the other 2 times?"
Guy 4 : "The other 2 times were to check on the report status only" (ARGH!!! Should I bang my head on the wall now?)
Me : "Check the status only?? Each time I called, your guyz said they will make a report. Doesn't this mean your juniors are not doing their job too?"
Guy 4 : "Yes, I will make sure they won't repeat it" (By now, I 'bengang' already)
Me : "Ok ok.. So I'll wait until Friday, 4-5 pm, if no one came over by then, then I'll call and ask for you, right?"
Guy 4 : "Yes, just ask for me, my name is ******"
Me : "Ok ok.. I'll wait till then.. Thank you very much for your help" (I know I sounded like a b*tch, but at least I still say 'Thank You', right?)

After the conversation, Dad handed me a printed paper of Jaring's promotion packages for home wireless broadband. The home basic package seems reasonable, considering I'm already paying RM99 a month for Streamyx. And besides, Jaring's service appears to be better lar.. Has anyone subscribed to this yet?

Oh by the way, the technician called me sometime before lunch just now. He's coming over between 5-6pm later. THAT WAS FAST! I think they're probably terrified of all the screwings I gave them the past week already. *lol*


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