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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Streamyx Frustration

Gee.. I felt like ranting here, and didn't realize that the blog has practically been collecting dust for almost a month now.. Definitely not Blogger of the Year. Hehe..

Oh yeah, I wanted to write about Streamyx and their service. Does anyone here face any problems with the TMNet ppl? For the past 1 week, I couldn't get connected to Streamyx. I kept getting the "Limited or No Connectivity" error, or something like that. Could it be that my modem konk-ed already?

Last Tuesday, I called up Streamyx for technical help. As usual, had to wait lar, and listen to the music while being on hold over and over again (I can literally fall asleep), kept on waiting until someone (Guy 1) finally entertained my call. Made my report, tried whatever solution he mentioned, left my house phone number, and then was told that a technician will come over within 24-48 hours. That was Tuesday. Technician called my house on Thursday afternoon, I was at work. So Mum gave him my mobile number. But I didn't get any calls from him after that.

I waited till Friday night, still no calls to my house nor my mobile! So I called them back and played the "waiting while on hold" game again. Guy 2 answered, I lodged my complaint again. He said, "your case will be sent to a higher level", bla bla bla. Fine, I wait again then, maybe the technicians are all very busy!

Then came Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Still no calls!!! Dammmn frust larrr.. So I called on Monday night. Guy 3 answered. I pity him. I practically fired him. Really, it's been a week now!! I mean, fine, I wasn't at home on Thursday, but couldn't the technician ever think of calling the house again some other time, or call my mobile?? What's the point of Mum giving him my number right?? And why were there still no assistance after my 2nd complaint? It had been more than 48 hours since Friday! Well, unless if they don't work on Saturday as well, but Monday lehhh??? I thought my case was "sent to a higher level"! Unless they've got shortage on technicians lar. Really sorry lar, Guy 3. It's not been the first time I've had problems with TMNet. :(

It's now Wednesday. Still no calls. Looks like I've got no choice but to call them up again tonight. URGHHHHHHH!!!! Damn geram, I tell you.... Sis thought that I wasn't stern enough. I yelled at Guy 3, yet I still apologized to him and say that I didn't mean to be rude. Dad said to give them the "I'll write to the papers" warning. Sighzzz.. I really don't want to go to that extent, you know, being rude and lodge complaints publicly.. But... SIGHZZZZ...

Sometimes I just wonder what the hell is the Customer Service for. Do they not value their customers? If it's really the modem at fault, I'd rather go straight to TMNet and get a replacement, soooo much faster than me waiting for them to take their own sweet time to come fix it for me. I'd understand if it takes them a couple of days to get back to me. I can still get connected to the Net while in office like what I'm doing now. But Dad and Sis need the Internet just as well, and it's been more than a week already. Seriously frustrating, you know.

Can someone help me with this? Or can someone be kind enough to yell at them for me?


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