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Monday, February 14, 2005

Sky-Rocketing V's Day

V's Day is getting too commercialized as the years go by. Almost 15 years ago, a stalk of red rose would probably cost at most 5 bux. Nowadays, a bouquet of a dozen roses is at least 200 bux!! Even Footitie's 10 stalks of tulips for Freckles is around that price range. That's pretty absurd!! It's a cut-throat business out there, I tell you.

I for one, am glad that Inspector did not get me a bouquet of flowers, chocs nor teddy bears. To me, they're simply a waste of $$ and flowers die within 1 week. I can't keep them, coz when I did the last time, insects kept coming and 'nested' amongst the dead tiger lilies despite numerous attempts of Baygon-spraying. I have to admit, it's a nice feeling to receive gifts as token of love, but with the madness going on nowadays, I'd rather not receive anything. Really.

And did I mention about the sky-high prices for set dinners? They can really burn a hole in your wallet. We had dinner at The Ship Restaurant together with Footitie, Freckles, Chef and Xiao Ping. V's Day set dinner was 69++ bux per person! Seriously ridiculous lar.. So we settled for ala carte (that also, the prices were jacked up!), and the total bill came up to less than 300 bux. Not too bad, I guess. Besides, it was always more fun to go triple dating. Much more things to talk and laugh about. And observing other couples around us where the guyz were probably trying to impress their girls but actually sweating inside when they paid their bills. Hey, if I want my guy to impress me, I'd rather to have a private table for two at home or something, self-cooked (as long as it's cheap, take-away food also no problem!) candlelit dinner and soothing music at the background. Not a table for two in a restaurant, filled with other couples, tables set so near each other where you can probably hear the other table's conversation, and the dinner costs a bomb!!

Oh well, V's Day has come and gone. We have all decided that we shall have our V's Day dinner next year at Kaki Corner in Cheras. Chicken chop and mashed potato with bowls and bowls of brown sauce, and jumbo juices, which will probably end up not more than 100 bux for the 6 of us. Ooh.. Not forgetting, sitting under the moonlight. Lagi romantic, right. As long as it doesn't rain lar.. Hehe..

Happy V's Day, everyone!


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