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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

When Parents Argue

It all started out when we came back from Dad's hometown. While we were there during the weekend, there was a minor tiff among his siblings, regarding Nai Nai's welfare. Some were not willing to contribute, some didn't mind paying. Dad, who takes a great care on Nai Nai's interest, decided that he would fork out the required amount to avoid any further arguments.

Mum didn't like the idea, stating that he's being too generous 'throwing' his money here and there, and that they will take his generosity for granted. Dad, on the other hand, is a peacemaker, who's willing to do whatever he can for Nai Nai & to keep the family united, especially since Yeh Yeh passed away almost 2 years ago. Both of them ended up raising their voices at each other. This rarely happens and even so, it never lasts more than a day.

But this time, they've not spoken to each other for 3 days. Mum's showing her tantrums. Dad's in his usual silent mode. Dinner was awfully quiet with me trying to talk to them separately. They're never in the same room together. Not even when they sleep.. This is slowly affecting Sis and I. We don't know what to do, or what to say.

I would just love to tell them that they're both grownups and that they should both work it out together. But how do I do this without being yelled at for siding the other one, or being told that this is grownup ppl's business and we as children should just butt off? I don't want to choose sides. I don't want to say in black and white who's wrong and who's right. I feel that Mum is just being very cautious but most of the times, whatever she says, somehow or another, it tends to offend someone a great deal. Dad is trying to set things right for his family but he should make a firm stand and set some conditions.

This silent treatment between them is really killing me....


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