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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Waking Up Late

I am a human alarm clock. Usually on weekdays, I'm triggered at 6am for Inspector's wake-up call. Then snooze for about an hour before I really wake up to start the day, i.e. shower, give a few knocks on Sis' door, dress up, 'lenggang lenggok' a bit, leave the house, drive to work and then reach office about 15 minutes later. Even if i go back to sleep mode when I'm really supposed to be awake, it usually lasts for 10-15 minutes and then I'm up and going. Latest also, I would reach office by 8am. Then I would proceed to sending a morning mail to Moorish and Sue.

That's my morning routine. Unfortunately, that didn't happen today. I didn't need to give Inspector a wake-up call. I woke up at the usual time, went back to sleep mode and didn't wake up until, not 10 or 15 minutes, but an hour later! I should have been in the office by then! *Gasp* Rushed like crazy larrr... No time to 'lenggang lenggok' also..

Once in the car, I managed to pop in Michael W. Smith's album into the CD player. Worship songs soothe my mind. When I rush, I become panicky. I could probably speed all the way to work. As I hum along with the songs, I drove at the usual pace, no traffic jam at all (thank goodness for school holidays!), reached office and sent out my morning mail by 8.30am.

Maybe some of you will think that being half an hour late is considered Ok lar.. I mean, it is. It's not like I'm really late or anything. I have the flexibility to come to work anytime between 8 to 9 am. It's just that.. It's very unlike of me to be late in my own routine. I'm weird, right?

*Shrugs* I don't know.. I guess I like being the early bird, be on time, never to rush here or there or with this or that. Maybe this is why I am a bit disappointed with Hippo. He always (more like, everyday!) come to work waaaaaaaaaaay past after 9, he claims that he can't wake up for work (once a while it's ok, but every single freaking day??), yet he would be up and veeeeeeeery early for church prayers. Something which I still don't quite understand. Maybe someone can point out to me why is it Ok to do so.

Oh well.. Another thing to be thankful about, I was supposed to be at JW Marriott this morning to attend a Borland seminar along with NR, Furball and Koala Bear. But I pulled out a few minutes before I left the office yesterday coz I have a lot of work still pending. Sek Long thinks I've "grown up already, put work above seminars, can think already lor". Hehe.. Good thing I pulled out, otherwise I would be stuck in the traffic jam going to KL and be reeeeeeaaaaaaaally late for the seminar.

By the way, if you happened to attend the seminar, please let me know how did it go since I'll only hear about it from my colleagues tomorrow. ;)


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