Memory.. Little threads that hold life's patches of meaning together. ~ Mark Twain

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Broken Hope

He initially said he had an event to attend to and that he would see her after that. She held on to his words. She hadn't seen him nor heard his voice for a week. To think that after years of courtship, she was still crazy over him.

He said he didn't drive, that she had to wait for him to go back home to take his car. She offered to drive instead, she understood that he might be too exhausted to drive. He did not reply. She went to her office to do some work to kill time. Then she went home for lunch. "2 more hours to go", she thought. 2 hours passed by.. Then it was 3 hours.. Then 4 hours.. Then 5 hours.. Still no news from him.

Another hour passed by. It was dinnertime. She still hadn't heard from him. His event would have ended long ago. "What if something happened to him?" She called him, but he didn't pick it up. She left him a message.

It was almost 2 hours since that message. She called him. He answered this time. He was sleeping. She asked "Are you sleeping? Nevermind then." He said to give him 10 minutes, then he would drive over. She was about to change her clothes. He called and yelled at her. "What is wrong with me sleeping? I'm fucking tired". She was stunned. She apologized repeatedly. She didn't know where was he, what was he doing, she didn't hear from him for hours, she was worried. She now knew, she understood. He hung up the phone. He decided not to see her the next day. She would have to wait yet another week to see him..

Tears fell one by one as she sat alone at the dining table, having plain Maggi Mee for dinner...


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