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Friday, May 06, 2005

PC Bottles - The Growing Trend

Hmm.. There's a growing trend nowadays, of using Felton water tumblers.. You know, those colourful, transparent, plastic water tumblers.. It just seems like everyone, well almost everyone, are using them. And they're all from the same manufacturer - Felton.

Let's see.. 75% of my colleagues in my department are using them. And I just found out last night that Mum bought 3 bottles too. They come in different sizes, these PC bottles - small, big, long, short and many kinds of colours. Heck, Sek Long beats the rest with his gigantic 2 litre tumbler. You can get them anywhere - supermarkets, pasar malams.. They even come as free gifts when you purchase printers or stuffs like that.

I just Googled them.. See how kiasu can I get? Check them out.. Aiyah, I'm not trying to promote them.. I just can't help but to wonder what's the hype all about, you know. I mean, they're still plastic right? They're the same as those mineral water bottles, right? They can't store hot water too.. Hhm... Maybe it's the design?

Maaaaaaaaaybe....... I shall join in the fun and take one bottle from Mum. What do you think? Hehe.. Do you have a Felton bottle too?


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