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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Using Tampons

It's pretty embarassing to talk to a guy friend about tampons. Why embarassing? It's coz he's the one telling you how tampons work, how to slip it in and which brand is a good one... NOT the other way round..

Virgin Boy : Eh I ask u one thing ah.. Do u use tampons one ah?
Me : Nope, I don't use tampons.. Like something get stuck up there and a string hanging out..
Virgin Boy : How u know like something stuck up there? u also haven't try b4
Me : Sure wan right, got something there woh?
Virgin Boy : U know when u put it properly, you won't even feel that it's there. Nowadays got a lot of new silky design... Not pain one..
Me : But one thing I don't un, it really can absorb so much ar.. What if the tampon is not big enough to cover, then how? Leak lar?
Virgin Boy : Yalo.. When it touches liquid, it expands.. It won't leak la, it'll just keep it inside.. More convenient la, don't have to worry about leaking on your skirt or pants
Me : What about the string?
Virgin Boy : What about it?
Me : It just hangs there?
Virgin Boy : It hangs out so u can actually pull it out doink..
Me : Yah.. But.. What if the string suddenly hang out of your undies?
Virgin Boy : Same as your pads being outside the undies rite? Who u wanna show your undies to la.. Hehe.. Keep it in properly la..
Me : *lol* Still don't dare lar.. Which brand is good?
Virgin Boy : Well, that I dunno.. Coz I never use.. But the "U" brand is the one with the silky finish. The important thing is to insert it at the correct angle..
Me : U?
Virgin Boy : I think the brand is "U".. And when u insert it don't be kan chiong.. If u kan chiong, your hole tightens.. And it becomes more painful hehe.. Oh.. It's U by Kotex
Me : Wait, I google it.. http://www.u4u.com.au/index_fullscreen1.html >> which one?
Virgin Boy : Pink box one. Eh u very free ah? Ur boss never see what u do one ah?
Me : Hahaha.. Wah.. Got so many colours somemore
Virgin Boy : Hehe.. U want me to buy for u next time I come back or not? Something that u can't get in Msia
Me : Unique souvenir.. I assume your gf uses that one lar?
Virgin Boy : No la.. Just that TV has been advertising it a lot day and nite..
Me : Oh cheh... Guarantee work or not wan?
Virgin Boy : Guarantee kua.. Big company wor.. Well, maybe first 2 days u scared, u use the tampons and then u use the pads also la.. See leak or not.. I buy small one send to u want or not? Hehe..
Me : By postal???
Virgin Boy : Yala abuthen??
Me : Won't you think your gf or your friends think you're weird? Hehe..
Virgin Boy : Weird? Hmm.. Well, it's just a favour I'm doing for u.. Hehe.. Since u can't get it in Msia mar.. Besides, I won't go around teling the whole world that I'm sending tampons rite?
Me : Aiyah.. You send to me.. Souvenir woh.. How to useeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Virgin Boy : Haha..
Me : How much normally 1 box?
Virgin Boy : I think 3 or 4 bucks la.. if I'm not mistaken.. Which colour u saw in the web?
Me : Got 3 colours.. Mini - green, regular - blue, super - pink
Virgin Boy : Oh.. Hehe.. U get the mini one enough la.. U so small size.

By the way, he's a good friend whom I got to know of since college days. He's moved to Melbourne a few years ago, hence we only communicate online. We chat about anything under the sun. And the conversation above was just part of the many topics we chatted about today... Let's see.. Wedding, virginity, tampons, periods and oh, pregnancy. Imagine that!


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