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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Tampons Update

If you have read the previous entry about Virgin Boy buying me a box of tampons from Melbourne, well, he actually did. Imagine the shock I had on my face when I logged on to ICQ early this morning and got a message from him :

Virgin Boy : Hey.. I bought liao.. No mini wor.. Cannot find. Bought the normal one.. Got 2 small boxes.. Each got 8 I think. Inside got all 4 colours.. Hehe.. What's your address?

The replies..

Me : Oh my goodness.. You reaaaaallly bought arrrr???
Virgin Boy : Yalo.. I went to Coles to buy bread ma.. U dowan ar? I use for my nose bleed la.. :)

So yes, I'll be getting a parcel with 2 regular packs of Kotex [U], about the size of 11 cm x 5.5 cm x 2.5 cm. There will be 16 tampons with a mix of 4 colours - blue, pink, orange and green. I told him to pack it nicely, coz.. Awkward lar, what if the postman asks me why am I receiving a parcel of tampons.. Aiyo, I hope the Customs won't think that I'm smuggling drugs or something within the tampons and confiscate them!

Virgin Boy stopped by at the Post Office just now to mail the parcel, but apparently the parcel was too small, coz they needed to stick the postage stamp, register letter and airmail on it. He will have to pack it into a bigger box. So looks like I should be receiving it some time next week. *lol*

This is really hilarious lar.. The more I think about it, the more I can't "tahan" not laughing. I can't imagine how will Inspector react to this IF he ever finds out that another guy bought me tampons. Or if Virgin Boy's gf ever knew about this. Either way, I'll get "goreng"-ed to the max. I know it's nothing to shout about.. but.. But.. But.. I still find it funny lor.. And it's still weird receiving a parcel like that from someone, what's more, a guy! And besides, shouldn't this be something we buy for ourselves and not someone getting it for us? It's supposed to be something personal, isn't it? Well.. Sue thinks Virgin Boy is being a pervert..

Question for the moment : Have you ever received any weird gifts from anyone?


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