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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Expectant 'Sunflower' Fathers

*Groan* I needed sugar to keep myself awake in the morning.. Being the smarty pants, I had a cup of Milo+Nestum (Quite nice, you know) for breakfast. I finished a roll of Mentos Grape in less than half an hour. The whole roll! Sheeeeezzz... Now my tummy's aching like nobody's business... Soooooooo clever of me...

Oh well.. On to the brighter side, I received 2 good news regarding my 'heng tai's last night. By the way, 'Sunflower House' is the name of my group. We were all classmates since college, we went abroad for studies together and lived together for almost 2 years (And we had a sunflower poster as the house's landmark, hence the name 'Sunflower House'). There are 6 of us - 5 guyz and 1 girl. Yup, you read that right. And I seriously don't find anything wrong with that. Anyway, back to the topic, Chino, who got married in January is expecting a baby sometime this December. Whopppeeee!!! He's like a father to us, he took real good care of us back then, and now he's finally gonna be a real father!! Just hope that the baby will not turn out to be a 'monkey' like any of us! Tai Lou will also be expecting his 2nd one in December as well. His elder son is already nearly 2 years old lor..

Imagine, one is gonna be a father, the other one is gonna have his 2nd one. What the heck are the remaining 4 of us doing?? At least I heard that FRG has a special girl in mind, which he's being quite secretive about it. No worries, I shall dig it out from him the next time I see him. I'm quite good at that. *nyek nyek nyek*. Aneh is still looking around for a pretty and intelligent Indian girlfriend, where as Nutty is quite content with his life at the moment. As for me, well.. Wait 10 years time lar.. *lol*.

I can't wait for December already.. Oh my goodness.. Chino's gonna be a father.. Tai Lou's gonna have another baby.. We'll have 3 'Sunflower' kids in the family!! *jumping around in joy* Gotta go.. Would love to talk about my 'heng tai's.. Later lar.. Stomach pain lar..


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