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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Casa Rachado, PD

One of Inspector's agents, AlJaya invited us to join him & his wife over at Casa Rachado MAA Resort, PD for the weekend. Accomodation provided and all, so we accepted it. What to do.. No $$ lar, furthermore we've been travelling practically every weekend for the past 1-2 months..

Casa Rachado is quite hidden actually. From the main "T" junction, turn left and head towards Guoman. Once you see the Guoman Resort signage, go further on until you pass the army camp on your right, then turn at the next junction on the right where there is a Casa Rachado signage. Go straight down all the way, pass by some JKR resort, Blue Lagoon Resort and an NS camp, then you'll see Casa Rachado MAA Resort, tucked in on the left side.

According to AlJaya, Casa Rachado was initially owned by an Australian company, and he was one of the initial members of the resort since almost 20 years ago. RedBox Karoke apparently bought over the resort before handing the ownership to MAA which has now became MAA's Training Resort. I really don't know how true is the history, but anyway... It's really quiet and peaceful there (sure la, so obscure!). They provide a lot of outdoor facilities like a mini football field, basketball court, swimming pool and even trekking into the mangrove forest.

Swimming pool

Seminar/Karaoke area

We reached Casa Rachado by 5.30pm or so. AlJaya brought us around the resort, then lepakked in the apartment, munched on longans and Ngan Yin peanuts till 7 plus. Then we went out for dinner. There were so many seafood restaurants to choose from, so in the end we decided on Pantai Seafood (They have their own website! Wow!). I couldn't remember what we ordered (I'm terrible at menus!) but I know we had Kam Heong crabs and it was yummy! I met AlJaya and his wife before, so it was expected that everytime they go out for dinne, or just AlJaya and Inspector, after makan will be the beer-drinking and smoking session. Cigarette stick after another. Bottle after bottle. Just that night itself, AlJaya and Inspector downed 5 big bottles of Carlsberg. From 8pm till 1am. I 'pulak', don't drink, don't smoke, just sat there, fiddled with my food and listened to their conversation lor. Went back to the apartment after that and both of them continued downing 3 more big bottles. Madness!! This is what Inspector has to go through each time he meets up with AlJaya. By 3 plus, my eyes were soooo droopy that I went back to the bedroom and immediately knocked off till morning. Hehe..

Woke up at 9am, saw that the rest were still in "la-la land", so took the opportunity to snap some pics!

The living hall

The second bedroom

The F&B building from the apartment balcony

Speaking of food, buffet breakfast wasn't so fantastic. All they had were fried mee hoon, nasi lemak, baked beans, porridge and toast. So disappointing, but it's ok lar, since everything was free for us (except toll). Checked out by noon, headed back home for a quick shower, dumped my bag in my room, then proceeded to Cheras Plaza's Neway Karaoke for Player's birthday celebration, then went to Kaki Corner for dinner.

Aduhai.. Sooooo, soooooo tiring..


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