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Thursday, June 30, 2005


*Sniffle* Being sick ain't a fun thing to do. I've got a 'teruk' case of sinus this whole week. I don't know if this is an 'achievement' to be sick yet still able to go to work and not take a single MC since hm.. Early this year..

Health is of course definitely more important than money. I totally agree with that. When one is unwell, how can one concentrate on his/her work, therefore, how to earn money, right. It's bad enough that I've been having sinus for, gosh, almost 14 years now. Everyday without fail, I would be sniffling throughout the morning, and if I'm unlucky, I'll be sniffling all the way till bedtime. Quite annoying also lar, if you keep hearing this person sniffing every 5 seconds for the whole day. I've tried medicine prescribed by many doctors, most of them never worked.. Clarinase helps but not all the time, so is 'wallap-ing' down a pint of Haagen-Dazs' Belgian Chocolate (It was supposed to help 'freeze' the leaking nose, but what the heck, good enough an excuse to splurge on ice-cream, right. And it was oh, so yummy!). Worse still, I heard that sinus is incurable. Really ar? *Sighz*

Very 'cham' lar.. I go everywhere with droppy and watery eyes, sense of smell also 'tergendala' (I could still smell durian though *lol*). Hard to concentrate on the road and during work. Sometimes I really feel like doing surgery for the nose, don't know if it helps or not. How ah? What can I do?

Cannot 'tahan' anymore.. Off to bed now.. *Sniffle*


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