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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Scratched But No "Sorry"


I'm still recovering from my more-than-1-week-long flu and sore throat. I'm having cramps coz of my period. Inspector and I have not been in talking terms for days. And my car got scratched early in the morning. Urgh!!

MPPJ re-implemented the parking coupon system around industrial areas this month. Usually I would just park my car by the side of the road, not on those yellow parking boxes. Coz of the implementation, I have no choice but to park on the box and 'gores' 5 bux away each day.


This morning, someone from next door's cake factory tried to parallel park his van in front of mine, and scratched the front corner part of my car during the process. He didn't even bother searching for the owner of the car (who else would have parked there besides ppl from his factory or my company, and i have my company's car sticker 'terpapar besar' on my car windscreen - must support mar!). A colleague saw the incident and reported to me. I went out to check on my car and saw this ..


Poor little Kelisa 'kena' scratched..

A few colleagues went next door to look for the driver. He (call him VD - van driver) came over, said, "Your car izzit? Ok lar, I pay you lar". What the hell???!! He didn't have the decency to find the owner, he didn't have the decency to even say sorry! Not to say that it's a major scratch, just need to respray the whole thing and knock it back out a bit. But but but.. Is it so hard to say just a simple 5-letter word? I suppose it is lar.. Even Elton John also got problem saying it.. Hehe..

Oh well, VD said he'll pay, so ok. I had to go find a workshop. Colleagues recommended several places, but not to say I know a great deal about cars nor repairs. I don't even know what the Perodua people do to my car everytime I bring it there for service. Talk about being ignorant. In the end, I got a colleague's husband (who has his own car workshop just behind my office)'s friend ("ma kat lou") to do it for me. CH (Colleague's husband) came over to inspect the car, and said not more than RM 300. VD said "too expensive lar, I can bring you to our workshop, just behind only". Found out, his "just behind only" is like 20 mins drive away. He didn't want to pay more than RM 250. After much negotiation between the both of them, in which CH's arguments were somewhere along the lines of :

- "things like these, where can bargain the price. You want me to do less than RM 200, of course I can, just spray that part only lar, simply do wan, not nice wan. Colour don't match already. You want or not? If your own car, you like or not? Of course don't want, right?"
- "you want to bring to your workshop, you bring lar, you got time or not? You expect this girl to go there herself ar? You think she got time ah? She's also busy herself"
- "this person is a girl lar, she don't know all these things, you scratched her car, you expect her to go all the trouble to settle for you ah?"
- "you want, can bargain to RM 280, cannot reduce already. You scratched her car, you expect her to pay for the cost also ah? Your company sooooooo big, cannot afford to pay? Each of you pay extra RM 10 lar, then settle"

Then VD hesitantly agreed for RM 280. I just stood there, like a 'dungu pot', listening to both of them discuss. So tomorrow morning, CH will get his friend to come over to my office, collect my car, drive it to his workshop, respray and knock the dent back out, drive it back to my office in the evening, pass the bill to VD and collect $$ from him. Make things easier. And VD still did not say "Sorry". Labu suggested that on the day we shift office next week, we go puncture all their tyres coz they always just knock into our cars or scratch them and care less about it. *lol*

Oh well.. Treat it as bad luck lar, what else can I do right. But despite a terrible day, I was cheered up when Ketua showed me her first vagina scan of her unborn baby.. It's 10 weeks old and only 3.6cm... 3.6 CM!! Can you believe how small is that? Go take your ruler and see!! Sooooooooooooooooo cute.. I couldn't stop staring at the picture and it's not even mine. *Sighz*

Tomorrow will be a better day, I tell you... Got to be!


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