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Monday, July 25, 2005

Management Bullies

Have been frustrated with my company's management lately. All they can say is "1 minute/1 day can 'kau tim' laa" instead of being bothered to ask how much is our workload. There are only soooooo few pairs of hands, with each managing at least 10 projects - each project consists of development, maintenance, initial testing, documentation, troubleshooting and site/phone support.

Like this situation, Furball had tooooo many 'pots' to handle and he just couldn't possibly divert his attention to another project. NR, on the other hand, thought that everything was very easy :

1. Change the component - 1 minute
2. Change the maximum length then solve the problem - 1 minute
3. Do a refresh whenever the module is activated - 10 minutes at most

Wow.. So clever.. This is coming from someone who picks his nose publicly, reads novels on the net whole day long and "tai chi"s everything to us. So terror. Yes, we can easily fix something within said 12 minutes, but sometimes one needs a longer time to look into the thing, to fix it, to test it and all. And for someone who has his hands on soooo many things, Furball can't even spare that 12 minutes (He IS that busy!). How lar dey?

Sometimes what frustrates me as well is that, the management throw every single thing possible to the staff and expect us to "kau tim" for them. If it works and everything goes fine and dandy, they will get the credits and the "bravos". Not even a single pat on the back for us. Well.. Maybe the best they can say is "Ok, your next project is bla bla bla". But if things don't work out well, we get dozens of fingers pointing at us instead. Whatever problems they face, they just find a quick and dirty way out, which in the end, gives more problems and everything's back to square one. So sucky, man..

For me, namesake je R&D, but 20% of my time are spent on organizing the company's annual trips and any other events (like Christmas, CNY, etc), internal and external quality audits, compiling R&D projects and staff's time allocation for the Income Tax Double Deduction. What else? Oh yeah.. Moving Office committee.. That includes planning what to buy for our pantry, getting measurements for cabinets, fridge and all.

I'm not trying to complain, but.. Can't someone else do it? *Sighz* Offer help, yes, I will do it. But not to the extent of making it a chore that I have to keep doing it for the years to come. You know what, I have unofficially became my boss' PA. Sometimes I really wonder how could I actually stay sane with the company. More importantly, how could I actually stick around for 5 years! *sighz*

Urgh.. Alright, alright.. Enough complaining now.. Need to go relax a bit. Ahhhhh.. A packet of Oreo's to save the day!!! *munch* *munch*


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