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Friday, July 22, 2005

Pencuri During Full Moon

Did anyone take a good look at the moon last night? Apparently yesterday's Chinese papers reported that the moon would look 3 times bigger than the usual size, and it's clearer when it's at about 7pm and 4am. They even suggested to take pictures while standing "in front" of the moon.

I ran out of the house a couple of times in the midst of watching the Korean series "Full House" on 8TV, Mum & Dad followed as well. Dad brought his camera out, and we managed to snap this..

Zoomed in version towards the moon

The illumination was much, much more brighter before that. Practically filled up part of the dark sky. What's more it was a full moon. Would have made a very nice picture.. Did anyone see it? Suprisingly the English papers did not mention anything about it. Or maybe it's just too normal already?

Anyway, this is funny.. Barely 1 week after my company has shifted to the new location, sudah 'masuk pencuri' liao. At 6 o'clock this morning, 4 guyz came in a mini truck, stopped in front of our compound, climbed through the fence and stole metal scraps that was gathered on the other side. Quite a heap pile of metal scraps there coz we're still renovating the place. Our hired security guard, poor thing.. He was alone at the guardhouse and armless. All he could do was run out and "oi oi!" at them before they sped off with the "goodies". That also, wasn't enough. I think they accidently dropped the rollers outside the compound and they came back 2 hours later to pick them up. So "ganas". Good thing we have the video recordings of the incidents.. I related the incidents to Moorish and she told me that a couple of months ago, her neighbour did some major renovation, and her mum happened to see this guy on his bicycle, passed by the house. He told her mum that he was collecting flowers to pray (can you believe that?). After dinner, all the metal decorative bars for the fence hilang already. *sighz*

I bet the thieves will come again tonight...


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